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Funny Protips and other Game Over messages

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"You must defeat Master Sheng Long to stand a chance!"

"Shoot the Core!"

"All Your Base Are Belong to Us!"

"The Cake Is a Lie!"


"Boom Shaka Laka!"

"He's on Fire!"


Hey wait a sec.... (joking)

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1 hour ago, Master O said:

"You must defeat Master Sheng Long to stand a chance!"

"Shoot the Core!"

"All Your Base Are Belong to Us!"

"The Cake Is a Lie!"


"Boom Shaka Laka!"

"He's on Fire!"


Hey wait a sec.... (joking)

Damn, that's like 5 games I need to play again rolled into one post!

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1 hour ago, Doomkid said:

Damn, that's like 5 games I need to play again rolled into one post!


So you're saying you haven't played Gradius, Zero Wing, Portal, Mortal Kombat, or NBA Jam?

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''Three pecks and you’re out.''

''Nothing can live here. Not Even You.''

''Did you try to cross the bridge?''

''Another rodent disease (hantavirus) victim.''

''You failed the test. Now you must pay the price.''

''Grues eat well tonight.''

''Proper operating procedures should be followed.''

''Too much hay makes too much fire.''

''This place is the pits. You’re dead meat.''

''You should prevent forest fires.''

''Flipping out your coordinate system.''

''The Fangs of Death are fearless.''

''You can’t walk on water.''

''You’re too depressed for comedy.''

''Trolls rule.''

''You make a good statue.''

''Wait in dark. You are eaten by a grue.''

''This score gives you the rank of PermaSuck Salesperson.''

''You have been Totemized.''



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2 hours ago, Master O said:

So you're saying you haven't played Gradius, Zero Wing, Portal, Mortal Kombat, or NBA Jam?

I have played them all, I need to play them all again though because it's been too long!

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[enu default]


DEATHTITLE1 = "That's All, Folks!";
DEATHTITLE2 = "Thanks, Obama";
DEATHTITLE3 = "Extremely Fucking Deceased";
DEATHTITLE4 = "So It Goes";
DEATHTITLE5 = "Escorted from the Premises";
DEATHTITLE6 = "...And Stay Out!"";
DEATHTITLE7 = "Evil Prevails";
DEATHTITLE8 = "Fission Mailed";
DEATHTITLE9 = "Radical Mishap";
DEATHTITLE10 = "Certified Doofus";
DEATHTITLE11 = "The Icon Of Sin Beckons";
DEATHTITLE12 = "How The Mighty Have Fallen";
DEATHTITLE13 = "Shot To Hell";
DEATHTITLE14 = "Ticket Punched";
DEATHTITLE15 = "Game Over, Man!";


DEATHSUB1 = "Great moves. Keep it up. Proud of you.";
DEATHSUB3 = "So... Plan B?";
DEATHSUB4 = "This time for realsies.";
DEATHSUB5 = "Obliteration would be putting it mildly.";
DEATHSUB6 = "There is no need to be upset.";
DEATHSUB7 = "This is fine. I am okay with this.";
DEATHSUB8 = "Now contributing to plant growth.";
DEATHSUB9 = "The End! No Moral.";
DEATHSUB10 = "Things suddenly got pretty calm here.";
DEATHSUB11 = "I hope you saved your game."; 
DEATHSUB12 = "Play satanic games, win satanic prizes.";
DEATHSUB13 = "My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.";
DEATHSUB14 = "John Romero has made you his bitch.";
DEATHSUB15 = "Stick to Ultra-Violence, they said. It will be fun, they said.";
DEATHSUB16 = "When autoaim isn't enough.";
DEATHSUB17 = "Don't worry, it happens to everyone.";
DEATHSUB18 = "I can't believe you've done this.";


DEATHPROTIP1 = "What would Decino do?";
DEATHPROTIP2 = "I love it. So meta!";
DEATHPROTIP3 = "Protip: Shoot the Cyberdemon until it dies.";
DEATHPROTIP4 = "Protip: Bullets reduce your health. Avoid them.";
DEATHPROTIP5 = "He's, ah...probably pining for the fjords.";
DEATHPROTIP6 = "''Flesh eating monsters kind of suck.'' - Al Gore";
DEATHPROTIP7 = "Protip: Barrels are not for sexual.";
DEATHPROTIP8 = "Chaingun goes brrrrrr";
DEATHPROTIP9 = "The cake is a lie.";
DEATHPROTIP10 = "Did you know? DOOM monster sprites are actually 3D scans of real demons.";
DEATHPROTIP11 = "Protip: The lost souls will not only scream but also eat your face.";
DEATHPROTIP12 = "Quoth the raven: ''Nevermore.''";
DEATHPROTIP13 = "Hey! Not too rough!";
DEATHPROTIP14 = "This calls for some Brutal Doom mayhem.";
DEATHPROTIP15 = "Protip: Some guns are bigger than others.";
DEATHPROTIP16 = "Demonsquabbles, an inevitable godsend.";
DEATHPROTIP17 = "WAKEUP! Grab a brush and put a little MAKEUP!";
DEATHPROTIP18 = "Protip: Failures are therapeutic.";
DEATHPROTIP19 = "You need a yellow card to resurrect the Doomguy";

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Oh boy. I'm sure I can think of a few winners, but I need to get to bed. I'll do a good few later.


For now, I'll do one of each.


DEATHTITLE: "You chose... poorly."

DEATHSUB: "Welcome To Shit Creek - Sorry, we're out of paddles!" (Will this fit?)

PROTIP: "Protip: Point away from face, THEN fire."

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Alright, I had way too much fun doing these. Pick-and-choose as you will.


DEATHTITLEnn = "Terrorists Win!";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Thou art dead";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Nice one, Rambo";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Terminated";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Your Moment of Zen";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Afterlife Theories...";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Fresh Loaf";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Darwin Award";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Needs Supervision";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Self-Love";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Stuffed and Mounted";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Happy End";
DEATHTITLEnn = "Zeeky Boogy Doog!";
DEATHTITLEnn = "The Sweet Taste of Victory!"
DEATHTITLEnn = "Tasty Floor Monster!"
DEATHTITLEnn = "Mmm... Extra Crispy!"


DEATHSUBnn = "{DA}Monstarr is on a killing spree!";
DEATHSUBnn = "What a horrible night to have a curse.";
DEATHSUBnn = "The Duck Hunt dog is laughing at you now.";
DEATHSUBnn = "Not a bad enough dude to rescue President Ronnie.";
DEATHSUBnn = "Rather than skating, you chose dying? Well, okay.";
DEATHSUBnn = "You and your friends are dead. Game Over."
DEATHSUBnn = "Give up? Retire?";
DEATHSUBnn = "*Contra death sound*";
DEATHSUBnn = "Return of Ganon";
DEATHSUBnn = "Ah, the old Shady Sands Shuffle! Nice work!";
DEATHSUBnn = "Winner is: Strong Bads!"
DEATHSUBnn = "So much for that saving throw, eh?";
DEATHSUBnn = "Bag 'em and tag 'em, that's a wrap!";
DEATHSUBnn = "Say hi to Goku for me at the Home For Infinite Losers!";
DEATHSUBnn = "Abort, Retry, Fail?";
DEATHSUBnn = "My middle finger salutes you.";
DEATHSUBnn = "This wouldn't have happened if your mom swallowed you instead.";
DEATHSUBnn = "You tried to fail, and you succeeded. So what are you?";
DEATHSUBnn = "Alright, move over, it's your invisible friend's turn.";
DEATHSUBnn = "No, John. You are the demons.";
DEATHSUBnn = "You've been playing this game HOW long, again?";

DEATHSUBnn = "Another one bites the dust!";


DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Wax on, wax off. Not 'Whacks on, whacked off.'";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A don't work here.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Returning the microwaved hamster to its owner = bad idea.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Free BFG if you find the invisible kitty!";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Have you seen the bunny?";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Tell your friends!";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: No, seriously. Tell your friends.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Sorry, the game is over. Go to the locker room.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Achievement Unlocked: Attained Enlightenment";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Password: p&+c]p6bW9]f/n*AxFqBuD;wYP9r2;$pBqCr-KLDM_mHn?+e;m";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Satanic Demons Local #666 thanks you for helping them meet their quota!";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "While you're down there, is that really the Imp's asshole? We wanna know.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead... so I say 'Nice try!'";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Smile... next try will be worse.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Someday you'll look back at this, laugh nervously, and change the subject.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Remember: Failure can't be spelled without U!";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Next time, maybe bring your Thunder Megazord.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Buy the Doomworld Strategy Guide today!";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "It's not that you suck, it's that the mapper's an evil bastard.";
DEATHPROTIPnn = "CLEARLY this is all the REJECT table's fault!";

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Thanks, @Dark Pulse !



DEATHSUBnn = "What a horrible night to have a curse.";

I remember this line from Isaac :-)



DEATHPROTIPnn = "Protip: Returning the microwaved hamster to its owner = bad idea.";

Relax, it's just the way it's returned from cryosleep.



DEATHSUBnn = "You've been playing this game HOW long, again?";

We can all relate

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Just now, <<Rewind said:

I remember this line from Isaac :-)

It goes back even further than that - it being lumped in with a bunch of other 8-bit stuff should point to that. :P




I wouldn't mind doing some more. Some definite string length limits would be good to know though - I dunno if a few of those are too long, if you're doing some kind of dynamic resizing, if it will actually depend on the screen resolution, etc.

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Title: The Deadened One

Title: You are DOOMed

Title: Shocking! Man Falls Over And Doesn't Get Up

Title: Your Aiming Sucks

Title: Who Wants Deep-Fried Marine?

Title: Respawning At The Impossible Part You Hate

Title: Deleting Save Data

Title: Lost Like Tears in Rain

Title: Thou Hast Lost A Life

Title: You're At Tier F Now

Title: Fatality!

Title: You Fell To Ground And Died

Title: You Are Dead, Not Big Surprise

Title: Untenderly Tenderized

Title: Don't Clip That


Sub: You're lucky we're still respawning you.

Sub: 'NAME' hears a laugh track echo as they expire.

Sub: Amazing! You have made no progress.

Sub: Breaking your crap won't help you win.

Sub: Oh RNGeez you had some bad luck.

Sub: You have fricked it, officially confirmed.

Sub: 'NAME' sucks ass and needs to quit already.

Sub: 'NAME' gets bored and takes a nap on the ground against the player's will.

Sub: That was an Imp in disguise by the way.

Sub: Don't quit yet, we still want to make fun of you!

Sub: Sir, bleeding to death. -Doomster Chief

Sub: Death, what ist thy sting?!

Sub: We're running out of text ideas so please git gud already.

Sub: Joel confirms, zero points for this .wad.

Sub: You have 10 seconds to continue!


Protip: In order to use a gun, shoot it.

Protip: If a barrel is in your way, shoot it at close range only.

Protip: Dude just BFG everything already.

Protip: Cyberdemons aren't strong, you're just a pussy.

Protip: We forgot what to type in here so lol you suck.

Protip: Every victory is a small failure since you know you'll die again later.

Protip: Drink beer to heighten your senses.

Protip: Feed your pets.

Protip: Mancubi deal very little damage.

Protip: Pinkies only have long ranged attacks.

Protip: They're not meatballs, they're Pain Elementals. Duh.

Protip: Samuel Hayden has love handles.

Protip: Cacodemons have huge gaping cloacas. Pain Elementals too. You're welcome.

Protip: Press the Jump key to jump.

Protip: Freeloading is for scum.

Edited by Gemidori

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1st row


Well well well. How the turntables...


2nd row

It's just a video game! Yeah, a video game!

Time for another challenge for you, pal


3rd row

Protip: Bash the keyboard with all your might

Sike! It's all been a ruse

I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Unlike you.

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