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Frozen Moon

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Fredrik Johansson, the man with an ego the size of a decent moon, I mean, bigger than Phobos or Deimos, because, in case you never realized, those ironically doomed Mars moons are quite the small type. Which makes me think that the guys at id didn't really check for... wait... what was I talking about? Oh yeah!
Fredrik redesigned his site. Yes. Once again. Furthermore, he decided it was the occasion to bug me on IRC and to post some fake news. So here he goes, babbling about how he managed to waste his time and all these delightful disgressions mappers are usually so proud to make us read. To be honest, he talks quite a bit about his new project Deep Freeze. Let us hope it'll be less frozen (funny, isn't it?) than the insanely detailed Vrack 3. We love your work fred, so... like... work on it.

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Jonathan said:

Stream-of-counciousness style updates, not a bad idea. Cyb and Mewse should try this too.

uh, yeah, just in case i wanted people to complain about my updates even more

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Ultraviolet said:

Redesign? I thought the last one wasn't even finished...

The redesign was finished, the content wasn't.

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