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Looking for A talented Artist

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Sup all, I'm lookin for someone to do a clan logo.. if your interested YM my name "sirtimberwolf" or Email me at sirtimberwolf@yahoo.com
My clan is called Saintly TimberWolves and I'm looking for something ALONG the lines of A wolf, in full plate armour with a double barreled shotgun
I'm willing to pay you for your work in american dollars.. prices are negociable as well... thank you for reading this post

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myk said:

It's john Carmack!

Pfffft. You wish. It's fake; I can see the zipper. :P

Oh, and I can't draw for shit. I'll scan something this weekend and prove it. :P

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Like I said, there is money involved
however I need to have rights such as "can use freely" put into it :P

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Sorry, I'm too busy these days, plus, I already have a drawing job to do for someone else.

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