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What is your most favourite Heretic episode?

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I like all the vanilla Heretic episodes, but I would say my most favourite is Episode 3. Out of the first three episodes, it brings the most content (i.e. all available Heretic monsters) and I love the theme and interesting design of levels - a city in underwater domes, with lots of azure wall textures and water pools everywhere. I like E2's lava and volcano theme too, but the levels feel simpler design.

Of the two additional episodes, I feel I like E5 more than E4, as it seems to bring more interesting levels to play. However, the final level of E5 was a big letdown - just a simple arena level with lot of Maulotaurs.

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Hard to pick one but would rank them as E2 > E1 > E3. The first episode is fun to storm through and the maps are recognizable but find maps 4 and 5 bit of slog to 100% in speed play. Episode 2 is consistently the best with its killer atmosphere, unorthogonal design and weredragon placement. I like the bathhouse and royal aesthetics of episode 3 but most of the level design consists of generic and maze-y corridors. There are some memorable places though like the starting rooms of maps 3 & 6 and the blue key room of map 7. E3M6 is also one of my favorite maps in the game.

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E2 is very memorable for me and have lot of cool environments: volcanos, ice, catacombs and portals. Plus the new monsters and weapons.

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