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3DGE settings won't save.

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Usually, I turn off Bloom & Lens Processing, Stretch World, and Sound Pitching when I play 3DGE. For some reason, when I start 3DGE again, these options are enabled again. How do I turn them off permanently? 

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First make sure you have the latest build. I know some of the older builds didn't save some options properly.



If that doesn't help then it's a bug which needs to be reported.


Plan B would be to manually edit the file where the options are stored and hope that Edge doesn't rewrite them again when you exit.

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Sorry for the bump! I’ll fix it so these variables save in the next development build (I will mark it in our Bugs list if @Lobo hasn’t yet).

It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to give proper attention to EDGE - or at the very least, compile new builds with all of the bugs we’ve been focused on correcting lately. I’ll make it a priority today.

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