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Mr.S Retro

Custom Pickup Items in boom/Doom retro wads! *Sept Pickups*

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So as long as nobody has created this before then I am coining it "Sept Pickups".

These are items made in MBF/Retro and Extended DeHackEd formats that can
give custom amounts of ammo or armor or health or even multiple weapons at once
(example: a weapon crate).
You may think this is useless as you could do the same thing with multiple
pickups but this is very useful for adding character to a wad(like making a UAC
base with 1 crate that gives you "50 bullets, 24 shells, 5 rockets, 60 cells,
"a shotgun, a chaingun, a rocket launcher and a plasma rifle
" all from 1 single

Use WhackEd4 to open the .deh file and see how to make a Sept Pickup.

Also map01(testmap) is bugged in retro because the node builder didn't feel like nodes were
Sprites By @Dreadopp


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