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[WIP] Doom 64 Special Episode: Journey into the Chaos

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Sounds good.  Keep us up to date.  It's not too often there's an exciting project to follow in the Doom64 world. :)

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Looks pretty damn good, also I love the fact screenshots seem to look like those you'd see in old gaming magazines. Kinda an amusing touch.

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Something i noticed about the Scavenger is that her design kinda reminds me of that wall texture of skin with metal pipes.

Like one of those designs that fits some parts of Hell's aesthetic.

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On 11/19/2020 at 8:12 AM, Dimon12321 said:

So, is this being made for the real N64 & emulators?

This will be for the GEC's source port called DZDoom mainly but a N64 and emulators version could be a possibility. Why not? :)


Sorry for late reply, i have been busy with work. 

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