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Darman Macray

Great Wads with Exclusively Stock Textures

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This is a thread inspired by @P41R47's list of the "Best Megawads with (mostly) stock textures."


My favorite gameplay mod is Xim's Star Wars Doom, and I especially love the texture pack Xim made for it. I've found that texture packs in general work best on maps that have no new graphics, so I thought I would make a list of wad recommendations that use exclusively stock textures, for both myself and anyone else who would want such a list.


Wads that qualify for this list answer the question of "New Graphics?" with either "No," or something to the effective of "A new title pic/level text/hud something-or-rather," or, in the most lenient of cases "A new sky texture." I'm also not looking for the more eclectic styled maps, so wads like Arch-Vile Jump or something like UnNecessary should be omitted from this particular list.


I know I hate being led astray into a less than favorable map or mapset, so I'll make some asterisks just to keep this list of recommendations honest and helpful:


(+)= I played this and I liked it.

(_)= I have not played this.

(-)= I played this. Proceed with caution. It’s highly recommended, but it wasn't my cup of tea.


So here is the list so far:


Ultimate Doom



Doom II




I'm sure this is a very small sample of all that's out there, so please name any favorite wads that haven't been mentioned :)


EDIT: Thank you guys for all of the recommendations! This thread now has more stock-texture wads than I know with what to do!

Edited by Darman Macray

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Contributing to a list similar to mine and helping a new member in his quest ;)

CPD for Doom 2 is mostly stock textures, it only changes some decoration sprites through Dehacked (+++).

200 and 300 min of /vr/ both are stock textures only with just new skies and titlepics. (+/_)

both 10 sectors are stock texture only (+)
Beyond The Hell is Stock textures only (_)

Big Crappy Shity megawad is stock textures only (_)

Countdown to Extintion uses a few Plutonia textures, but they are stock ;D (+)
Dimension of Time is stock textures and add just a new sky and two kinda decorative railguard and glass textures. (+)
Khorus's Speedy Shit is just stock textures. (+)

Maybe i will add more later.
Hope you enjoy these with the gameplay mod that you like ;)

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34 minutes ago, Doomenator said:

There is WTMDGEA.WAD, but it is good just with stock textures. Texture packs can ruin it. :)


I appreciate the recommendation, @Doomenator! I just gave the Star Wars mod shout out as the reason I'm looking for wads of this particular kind, but my hope is that making this list might help anyone else who wants stock texture wads for any number of reasons to find them. 


I'm having a hard time finding the wad somewhere, though :(

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SPECTRUM is an Ultimate Doom episode with only stock textures.  It does have a new end boss, and a new titlepic/interpic.  I made it, so I think it is pretty awesome :)


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Counterattack is without any doubt in my mind the single best wad that uses stock textures.

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5 minutes ago, galileo31dos01 said:


Demonastery has quite a few custom textures, but most of them feel pretty vanilla so idk, they should definitely play it because its great, but I'm not sure it fits the stipulation.


Also, play Fava Beans

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