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Gothic2.wad 1998 version?

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I've noticed the only available version of Gothic2 has a date modified of 2014:



Could someone possibly direct me to the unmodified 1998 version? Usually I can pretty easily find alternate versions of wads with different timestamps on wad-archive.com, but it seems any version of Gothic2.wad with a date modified from before 2014 isn't here.. I'd really like to get my hands on that version. Thanks!

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I have a copy of this zip from 2007 (or older - it was on a hard disk of stuff that Opulent gave me at the Prague LAN) that also has that 2014 date-stamp. So it looks very much like the file was released with a wrong date-stamp for the wad file.


Edit: I have other copies of this file from other older sources, all with the 2014 date, including one where the zip itself has a 1998 date-stamp (as it also does here).

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