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Midbar texture as door

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Playing this wad I saw there is a midbar texture as door can be opened, I'm trying replicate same in my wad in development but for more I look on DB2 I can't understand how make it.

What I want is be opened with yellow key

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Hi Raleigh, I'll try and explain. This is a pretty neat trick.


Imagine you have a normal door. The height of the room is 128. The floor is 0. Normally a door would be height 0 (ceiling against the floor).


Instead, we want to make the floor of the door sector 1 unit, and the ceiling of the door 1 unit. It should be 1 above the surrounding area.


Now make sure the door upper and lower textures are untextured (-). Set the midtexture to the midbar texture, then set its vetical offset to 128.


This should give you an invisible door with the midbar texture that raises into the ceiling. (don't ask me exactly why this trick works)


I learned the trick from this page here: http://www3.telus.net/kappesbuur/TRANS_DOOR/trans_doors.htm

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Ok sector where there is transparent door is 128 units, So now you mean floor must be 1 unit above floor?



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Yes that's correct. the floor and ceiling under the door should be one 1 unit up. You don't need the back side middle texture. I keep mine simple as just one rectangle for the door in the middle, with midtexture on the highlighted lines.



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For the vanilla trick, click here for a tutorial. If you're mapping for the usual source ports, just use the 'transfer flat property' feature (action 242 in Boom) to set the ceiling flat of a normal door to the ceiling of the surrounding sectors and use a midtexture with the appropriate Y offset as door.

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