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3 maps from an upcoming MEGAWAD I'm working on

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First time posting some of my maps to Doomworld, so I’m quite nervous. Attached are three maps from an upcoming MEGAWAD I’m working on (they would normally occupy maps 26, 12 and 13 and I will be mentioning them as so, but in the download these maps are 1, 2 and 3 respectively).

For testing, I used GZDoom with compatibility settings on strict. I recommend playing with settings close to vanilla limitations for this reason. Although these maps can be played with any limit-removing or Boom-compatible source port, GZDoom looks best. On other source ports such as Crispy Doom and PRBoom+ there is a very minor graphical issue in MAP26 which I’m unsure of how to fix, as of this post. The IWAD I used was the standard Doom II IWAD. Only stock assets were used for these maps as well.

All of these maps are rather linear with some minor exploratory elements and intend to focus on delivering constant fighting without too much downtime. A word of quick warning, MAP12 is very dark, so if darkness isn't your taste then you can warp to the third map after you've done the first if you want.

Only MAP13 has functioning difficulty, the rest are intended to be played on Ultra-Violence. As for difficulty, it’s a little tricky to describe, but I’d like to think it’s midway between Doom II and Plutonia. The monster density is high enough and the areas are compact to stay tense but never to the point where I felt overwhelmed during testing. I also tested for Fast Monsters too if you want to add some more challenge, though I'd recommend playing at regular speed first.

Thank you for playing! I'll try to read feedback tomorrow and update the maps accordingly. If these maps do well enough then I'll consider posting more of my progress.

EDIT 1: Thank you all for the kind words! I'll try to see what else from my list of maps I've made I can upload here. Here's a quick changelog:


- Fixed the sky in MAP03 so it shouldn't tear on PRBoom+ or look ugly on Crispy Doom

- Fixed a switch in MAP03 so the map is possible to complete on more source ports (I tested in PRBoom+ and Crispy Doom and they both work as intended.)


One other thing is that I forgot to say that these maps have internal names I came up with:


MAP01/26: Mountain of the Fallen Kings

MAP02/12: Toxic Seabed

MAP03/13: Forbidden Valley

EDIT 2: After watching Clippy's video on my maps I've made more adjustments:

- Added more ammo in MAP01 and MAP03

- Made some texture improvements in MAP01 (concerning the door to the Archvile room and also a pillar that has an incorrect texture)

- Added in two Revenants to the Baron room in MAP01 to make that fight a little more hectic after grabbing the yellow key

- Made a secret in the yellow key area in MAP03 easier to spot, with better lighting and a different texture. I won't make the Megasphere secret easier to get to though, you'll need to think out of the box for it.

- Made a fence in MAP02 impassable (but in exchange, I added a little gap between that fence to jump out of.)







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Well, I was planning on giving feedback on all 3 maps at once, but I guess I'll do them one at a time.


First off, let me just say "wow".  Map01/26 is excellently executed, the run up around the outside of the chamber is a wonderful game of dodging fire from the central spire while fighting off the monsters in front, with the rocket launcher as an excellent payoff only marred by the fact that extreme angles and rockets are a combination that always makes me want to turn on freelook.  It's a rapid, high-octane map with only one major flaw in the form of the switch for the yellow key room being something that requires a much more significant leap of faith than simply jumping from the left end of the starting platform to the lower switch.  Your enemy placement is well done, though the map may be a little short on ammo, but then again I never stumbled across any of the secrets.    The crazy "I beat Sunlust on Nightmare" people will find it easy, but it's a hearty challenge for those of us that haven't spent 25 years gittin gud.  It's truly impressive for a MyFirst WAD, and if this is a level you can maintain, then I heartily look forward to the completed WAD.

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Here's a my FDA on your maps. Surprisingly, the wooden switch on map03 didn't worked so level progression flawed

Demo lump to run with prboom plus


I used complevel 9 (Boom 2.02)

EDIT2(My thoughts on the wad):

I like maps' gameplay and design

It's cool when weak enemies walk in small groups being 2-3 in count (about map12, imho the monster placement rocks)

I noticed marble faces for doors help the player to find corresponding switch in map26 (cool hint, imho)


3 hours ago, Quacken said:

MAP12 is very dark

I was playing with some gamma correction and didn't notice the darkness at all

Darkness is the problem of a player, not the mapper.

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i had a great time!


@Clippy you should play these! they are really fun and linear, not hard, just fun :)

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Quaken maps


Ultra-violence mode || GZDoom || Eriguns


Map 01:

*Deaths: 0
*Saves: none



This beginning of the map had some difficulty, and I am not lying about this point, there were actually parts here that were a bit difficult to overcome, such as going for the 3 keys to each room, each of these having its complication because Different enemies appear to prevent you from getting out of there alive, but before entering fully with that point, first I have to talk about the structure of the site, and that is, the map looks really strange, but interesting, having floors with lava Through the center of the entire structure, like the exit of the level, each part was really curious where you saw it, because it had different things on each side, for example, the entrance to each of the rooms with a key that you needed, is a clear example. Now touching on the difficulty, I will again say that the map has a bit of a challenge at the beginning, since, leaving the door at the beginning of the level, several monsters receive you with aerial attacks from a distance, such as Imps, Hell Knights, or even the Revenants, but I think the first thing to give trouble before those beasts, are the Hitscanners, since, there are quite a few soldiers possessed all over the map, and returning to the theme of keys, every time you grab one, Certain demons will come out to attack you, and the most dangerous is to collect the blue key, for having 2 Archviles enemies, and it is quite bad that this is the only room to have enough areas with toxic soil, which makes more The fight with the Archviles is complicated, fortunately, this part can be won with the sphere of Invensibility that you find in a far area of the map, next to where some Hell Knights were, several Pinkys also includes the map, as well as Cacodemons, an elemental Pain, and finally, a Cyberdemon at the end of the whole kill, to instantly decrease your ammo. In summary, the map was good, I don't have much to complain about, maybe in certain areas I have some complaints, but in general, the map was entertaining, and enjoyable, great work here.

Map 02:


*Deaths: 0

*Saves: none
(Map played 2 times, the second time it was because I had not taken Screenshot in the first tour to put here in the post)



In this map, there were really very interesting things for my taste, among them, the way the level was structured, really great how the area was decorated, with toxic floors at first, but later in another area, there is only normal water Where is it safe to walk, and yes, finally we return to the soils with toxicity, but before we get to that, let's first talk about the difficulty, and at this point, the truth is that I do not have much to detail, I can simply summarize saying that the whole principle is against quite a few Hitscanners, also with the occasional resistant demon, but in its entirety, this map has quite a few Hitscanners in different areas, having many at the beginning, then having regularly in the part where there is only water, and in the last part, because there are few there, due to the fact that the Cacodemns appear in crowds, along with some Pain Elementals and 2 Archviles, there is also a Baron and a Hell Knight at the top. end of the road, but they do not represent much, now, regarding the secrets, they were not really difficult to find, and it is very appreciated to give much health item than protection, having in one the Mega Sphere, and in the other a Soul Sphere. For the last part, a lot of shotgun, rocket launcher, and cell weapon ammunition will be spent by the enemies that will be present, but outside of all that, another map that I managed to have a lot of fun, despite having certain drawbacks, such as the constant toxic soils, everything in the end was really fun for me, very good map achieved here.

Map 03:

*Deaths: 0

*Saves: none

(Map also played 2 times, as in map 02, in the first round it had not taken Screenshot to put in the post, I really amused myself killing that when I get to the end I forget to take that photo of the level)




In this last map, the situation was really different, in the sense that the encounters were very different, on the one hand, the beginning and the first teleporter did not represent what was a big problem, the architecture of this map I liked a lot, clearly it was not such an open level, although if it showed what its expansion was, the reality is that it was not as extensive as is believed at first, although the fact that the whole structure had an interesting shape than it was a... hmm, maybe a park? One really extensive and with certain buildings that accompany it in each corner, I really wouldn't know what to compare the structure of this level with, but the important thing is that it is not a really open map, but hey Now talking about the difficulty, because here this map stands out, unlike the previous ones that have already been completed, this one does have its different difficulties, but with different teleporters that one will unlock in The process, as I said before, the first teleporter does not represent a great challenge with the area we reached for the first time, I mean, to go for the first key, which is yellow, for the second teleporter, which I think is for the key red, the meeting that he presents, pretends that it is a little more complicated than in the previous trip, but... being honest, the meeting turns out to be even easier, thanks to the sphere of invincibility, which cuts the complexity of the entry situation to make it even easier, I am not saying that it is wrong, after all, I think that the "water" that was in all that area was toxic soil, and also that you had Hell Knights behind, Revenants ahead, and some Imps attacking in different parts of the same site, for which, it is appreciated that the creator was kind in giving away said invincibility, but it would only be for that site, since, in the last meeting, it is where if the complicated is coming, already having with Following what was the blue key to unlock the next door, to begin with, when you close it, you are greeted by various enemies such as Pinkys, Hell Knights, and Revenants, the Imps appear at the entrance of a site, but they are not a big problem, although, When the last teleporter is reached, this one does come with a lot of charge, since several of those enemies that you killed with ease previously, return but now quite close to the player, at this point, in case you are not playing with the start of the pistol, it is recommended to use the BFG 9000 to kill a good part of those enemies, and then hide among the tree decorations to prevent some attacks from certain demons that throw you in your direction. Having already cleaned the area, it only remains to go in the direction of the exit, which is surrounding a large platform that blocks the way, although being honest, it is a pity that there is no return back in case you must find the other secrets that do not you came to find, as it happened to me, although well, anyway, to clarify everything, it was fun to play the whole map, it was really satisfactory and I did not feel any boredom at any time, which means that the wad did his compliance to keep entertained to the player until the end, which is more than good to know that if you had a good time during the entire game, very good work and excellent way to make the levels / maps different for each encounter.

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