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Computer Mouse Suggestions?

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My new desktop is about to ship, and I would like to get a new mouse to go along with it. I have several basic USB/wireless mice that are 3-5 buttons, and one Corsair gaming mouse that has all the lights and buttons. Thing is, I really can't stand the complexity behind gaming mice and don't like the RGB lights and all the extra buttons I click on accident because my fingers get in the way of them, but some of the older mice I have make gaming more difficult because they are really too small for my large hands and most of them are fairly old, one is even a mechanical mouse which has 3 buttons and no scroll wheel! So what I'm looking for is what would you suggest for a mouse to game with, that doesn't have all these lights and DPI controls on the mouse? Or in other words, what mouse do you use that doesn't have RGB lighting and DPI options on the mouse? Note that it's not the control over the DPI that I have an issue with, it's that I'd prefer to control it via software, and not a button on the mouse. Thanks in advanced.


Also note that I mostly play older games, so I'm not looking for something to compete in Esport gaming or for AAA or next-gen titles.

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If you search large mouse at an online store you can find some that only have two buttons. But you may need to add wired mouse to the search because I'm getting a lot of wireless mice.

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