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September Under the Sea - A Speedmap Compilation

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Hello! On my discord server, there is a monthly speedmapping series where a new event starts every month. The following WAD is the compilation of our first event which began in September.


The only rule was that each mapper had a (loose) 1 hour time limit to make a wad during the month of September.


Link: September Under the Sea - version 7



Ports tested: GZDoom

Jumping and crouching are disabled - Mouselook is fine

Resources used: lostres2.1 




===== Maplist =====

Map01: "The Love Station"           by: @DynamiteKaitorn  - Music "Dreempipes planet theme" by Jazz Jackrabbit 1
Map02: "Rectangles of Odd"         by: @obake  - Music "The Healer Stalks" by Bobby Prince
Map03: "Survival Station"            by: @Steve88  - Music "Into the Furnace" by Jimmy
Map04: "The Exit is Behind You"   by: @Pegleg  - Music "Quickfast" by Paul D        
Map05: "Better Nate than Lever"  by: @BluePineapple72  - Music "Sadistic" from TNTEvilution










This event was a fun learning experience. I hope to see you participate in October's event "Trick and Tear!"

To get immediate updates on future speedmapping events as well as some other fun and quirky mapping challenges, be sure to join my discord!



10/10/2020 1:41 PM - Fixed Broken Pillar and Music on Map05

Edited by BluePineapple72 : Added screenshots. Clarified speedmapping rule

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Fun little mapset with some nice tunes. You can beat this in ~30 minutes.

Note if you're playing v3, you'll have to give yourself the blue key on MAP05 as it's inaccessible.

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I am going to have to do a play through of all of these. I'll post a video or something...

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