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General Ulysses S. Grant

Playing Video in doom

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You haven't actually changed the framerate with what you have coded here. Delay only accepts an integer*, and you have given it 35/24 which for an integer is 1, not 1.4583333r. The same goes for 35/30 (1) and 35/60 (0) the latter of which would just cause all those frames to either play instantly or also just as if it was 1, depending on the semantics on how delay(0) is treated (Hexen still delays it for 1 tic, I believe base ZDoom ignores it?).


As the ACS VM is directly tied to the game's internal thinker logic, it cannot have a frame in-between game tics and thus always runs at 35hz no matter what. You cannot have a fractional delay, let alone of less than 1 tic.

*All math in ACS is integers, even the values that appear to have decimal values are also integers, but are internally represented as fixed point integer values. There is no floating point or real decimal values in ACS. You can observe this by typing in "delay(1.0);" and noticing it results in a function that delays for 65536 tics (1 << 16), or just over 31 minutes.

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