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Kokoro Hane

Text as subtitles?




So I've been wanting to add a dash of voice acting for logs and stuff in a DOOM II we're working on. Me and my brother work in Hexen format on GZDoom Builder. And although he can make audio play via switch or at a spot, text display cannot be timed it seems. I'd like it where, when you hear the audio play, you can break them into lines like subtitles, and each line is timed by seconds.


For example....

"I am stuck here and about to turn into a zombie." [3 seconds]

"I left a key behind that safe." [2 seconds]



If we can just figure out how to time how long the text stays to make some makeshift subtitles for any voice acting that plays, that would be great. I'm alright with scripts even if it is super tedious. So if it is possible, how would we go about it? Thanks in advance! 


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