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I need help idenfiying the original song from this .mid file

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I'm developing a megawad so I asked my uncle who used to make doom mods back in the day if he could find some midi songs and/or sprites, he sent me this midi song and a midi version of Walk by Pantera, he said he doesn't know what song this midi is supposed to be and that it's probably something from Ozzy Osbourne but for me it sounds more like something from Iron Maiden, maybe from Juda's Priest


here's the midi I'm talking about:

that midi.zip

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Wow, good job finding it. I knew it had that KoD feeling because that midi was just way too intricate and complex to be just any random sequenced composition. But as a side note, some of KoD's composition are iron maiden, heavy metal or video game music inspired, so technically not everyone was far from the truth.

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