Lunar Outpost 359   Download Updated (2/13/2021):   Compatibility:   Tested with Zandronum and gzdoom.   Important! Run as TnT for appropriate textures and music.  This is a largely Vanilla Wad, but with a few zdoom features, such as turbo speed triggers for a few floors, and using flats as textures in a few places.  Expect to see some missing textures if not running in a zdoom compatible source port.   Maps Currently Included: MAP01 – MAP10 What to expect:  All maps are tuned around being able to UVMAX Single Segment Pistol Start. Sequence breaking is intentionally implemented and encouraged. Callbacks and references to certain areas or fights from the IWADs, as well as some nods to areas from the Metroid Prime series, adapted to fit a Doom experience.   Lower difficulties are also implemented.  No custom textures, enemies, or UI elements included.  Freelook is never required but allowed for convenience. Jumping and Crouching are Disabled. Currently, completing Map10 loops you back around to Map01 to let you know it’s over.   Pictures:
        Level Details: (Please note all difficulty and length descriptions are relative to the average difficulty of this wad, and not to any individual's skill level.)   Hi everyone, this started as my first uploaded wad.  I had made a few test wads to learn the basics beforehand.  The original purpose of this wad was to introduce my friends to classic Doom.  They got into Doom with Doom 2016, and were iffy about classic Doom, but were open to trying it if I would create some levels for them to play.  As such, I attempted to pay homage to some old school level design elements while still making my own maps. Since then, I have decided to create more maps as I organize them into this collection with some sense of cohesion.   The name comes from Wolf 359, the fourth closest star system to our own, after the Centauri systems, so it sounded like a neat place to have a base since I know there are plenty of WADs named after the Centauri stars.  I'm not really sure if there even are moons in this solar system, but I thought it'd be cool.  Since it's such a small star, it will outlast our sun by trillions of years, which is pretty awesome.  Back to the WAD,  I tried to cover most of the basic facilities I could think of to give some of that old school abstract and vague theme-ing.     Playtesting Credits: @Biodegradable @Salmon @Clippy @HAK3180 @Suitepee   @Terminus   Changelog: (2/13/2021): Older Maps received more detailing, and some combat reworks.  See this post for more details. (1/29/2021): Map10 Added.  Map09 Balancing. (1/5/2021): Map09 Added. (12/6/2020): Map08 Added, some textures cleaned up on older maps. (11/10/2020): Map01 Completely Redone, old maps rebalanced.