You want infinite features? We got infinite features. You want infinite waiting times for the next release? We got infinite waiting times for the next release.   Readme file Official Windows builds: x64, x86, x86 for CPUs without SSE2 Official macOS build Source Code: .zip, .tar.gz Documentation is available on the wiki (some new features are still in the process are being documented)   WINDOWS USERS: Update your midiproc; the new version will close itself when EE crashes. Take note of whether you downloaded an x64 or x86 build, as if you download devbuilds you will need to make sure to download the same arch as you did for this release.   Highlights: EDF weapons, finally in a release after 17 years from the first mention of them in the source code EDF bulletpuffs EDF inventory Guest-starring an ugly-as-hell interface for Doom Note: Item dropping is not allowed currently, and will likely require explicit EDF to allow an individual artifact to be droppable New pickups (pickupeffects) via EDF A tonne of new EDF delta types OPL3 emulation A brand new HUD with graphics provided by @ptoing F_SKY1 on midtextures has the same effect as classic sky hacks Save versioning, meaning that future releases should, ideally, no longer break existing saves   Example WADs: Colare: Weapon deltas galore! Colare 1.0 is Eternity's first fully-featured gameplay mod Cubic Worlds: An in-progress mapset that utilises portals heavily, and has a new weapon & pickup RotateLauncher.wad: An example WAD of how to create a new weaponinfo, with graphics by @rf`