You have been waiting ….. so very long. Your will is fading, hunger stealing the strength from your limbs. You thought you could make it but now, you are done. The light fades slowly and your breath grows shallower. You were so close you could almost taste it.
  Yes that’s right you can finally take a big juicy bite of Mapwich 2: The Mapwichening!! Same concept as last time with randomly assigned mapping pairs only we needed some extra spice and flavour. For a nice hearty umami flavour that warms the soul we used Otex as the texture base, and bringing a heat that makes ghost peppers blush we added Supercharge. In order to go full fusion in a moment of madness I thought making the maps designed around coop was a good idea as well. We don’t have a hub map this time, partly due the technical elements of getting one working in coop but mostly because Mapwich 2 was much more effort to pull together than Mapwich 1. More than twice as many initial sign ups combined with layers of complexity and problems working with Zandro coop pushed the development time much further than anticipated. But here we are! And you may now ….
  Come Eat The Mapwich


Old builds   Tested in Zandronum 3.0 and GZdoom
We have a dedicated feedback channel in The Hellforge discord where you can feed/yell at the mappers. And those mappers are:   @Jimmy and @DoomTheRobot

  @DFF and The Indvidualist

  @Lorenz0 and @LowGcifer

  @Alper002 and @wolfmcbeard

  @AD_79, @olio and @RonnieJamesDiner

  @Liberation and @Aquila Chrysaetos

  @Bauul and @guitardz

  @obake and @Margsabl

  @CyanoBlugron and @TheMisterCat

  @DMPhobos and @Misty

  @Danlex and @BanjoDave

  @Remmirath and @Terminus

  @Jark and @Worm318

  @Alfredo and @TravyB

  @Pegleg and @Super Mighty G

  @Steve88 and @Redead-ITA

  @RonnieJamesDiner and @Sapfiar

  @Tango and @Major Arlene

  @Bdubzzz and Revan

  @Insane_Gazebo and @dac

  @NoReason and @leekster

  @Dragonfly and @Bridgeburner56

  Known bugs/issues - Supercharge has max VFX settings that when turned up will cause significant lag on older rigs (or even new ones). It is recommended to turn this down to 500, especially if playing coop.
- Some console errors on some maps, none of which seem to cause any issues - Zandronum doesn't support the author description in mapinfo so that throws an error. Fine in GZDoom though. There are 2 bugs specific to Zandronum coop which only affect coop, not single player.
- Flat rotation values are rounded by Zandronum’s netcode which results in any udmf aligned flat being thrown out.
- The switches don’t animate in coop. All other animations work and the switches animate in single player Zandronum. Blaming the netcode again.
Neither of these issues affect how the maps play. If anyone knows how to fix them but they also don’t break the maps so if they remain then so be it.
- I still need to finalise and add in the official credits file. That will be added in the next update
  This project would not have been possible without huge amounts of help from many people. The biggest shout out has to go to Tango. Not just for making an amazing mod, but doing pretty much all of the resource management, constantly updating supercharge based on our demands feedback and being generally awesome and enthusiastic about the whole thing.
Additional thanks to - Ukiro for Otex (as always)
- Insane Gazebo and TheMisterCat for the title pic
- AD_79 for the title music
- RJD for helping out other teams
- The BFG spam squad for numerous test sessions that lasted weeks at a time
- All the mappers for joining this mad adventure
- The various experts in the Hellforge and their endless knowledge