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Best video game BFG?

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We've talked about the best video game pistols, shotguns, chainguns, explosive weapons, and flamethrowers, and now it's time to talk about what the best video game BFG (or equivalent to it) is.

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The one that appears in Doom 3, nuDoom and Quake II (as it's basically the same weapon). There is something satisfying about the tendrils reaching out and decimating all and sundry.

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nuDoom BFG it's the best DOOM BFG.

For others game i should say:

-Amid Evil  Aeturnum

-Duke Nukem Devastator.


-Shadow Warriors Nukems


-Lazerbeam on Wolfstein.

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I’ve always loved the Ghost’s targeted Nuclear Missile from Starcraft.


Sitting across from someone and seeing their face when they hear “Nuclear launch detected” was priceless.

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This is difficult. I don't use much BFGs. Let's just say these:


BFG9000 from Doom.

BFG 9000 from Doom 3.

BFG10K from Quake Live.

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- Second the Wraithverge from Hexen

- Sunstaff, Tempest Staff, and Scarab Staff from Hexen 2

- Redeemer from UT, or any other "mini-nuke" style weapon

- Dark Matter Gun from Quake 4 (it's a gun that shoots black holes. can't get much more metal than that)

- Repeater Cannon from FEAR.

- Devastator from Duke 3D

- Powered Gravity Gun from HL2

- Quake 2 BFG and all of its derivatives

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SW's nukes and Hexen's Wraithverge are probably the most devastating BFG-like weapons I've seen apart from Doom's.


Wraithverge is just OP as shit, and I think it even goes through walls but I could be mistaken. I suppose that makes up for the Cleric's crappy weapons in general. But it's also ridiculously easy to counter against bosses.

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Specifically talking about BFGs, I think Quake 3's BFG is probably the most OP of all BFGs. Fast firing rate + high damage comparable to the rocket launcher makes it extremely useful to control in TDM maps and the weapon is outright not available in pro duel maps.


... but I think Quake 3's BFG is boring. From a "fun" point of view, I like the classic Doom BFG the most. The ones in HL OP4 (Displacer Cannon), Doom 3, Quake 4 (Dark matter gun) and new Dooms are also pretty good.


Now when it comes to other non-BFG powerful weapons, I like:

- Wraithverge from Hexen

- Redeemer from UT series

- Devastator from Duke3D

- Nuke from Shadow Warrior

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