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Spawn: Path to Damnation

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Al Simmons.

Former soldier, betrayed by his own commanders. In his ultimate demise, made a deal by selling his soul in the afterlife to Malebolgia, ruler of the eight circle of Hell, all so he could see his beloved Wanda once more...but in doing so he became a Hellspawn, one of hell's most deadly warrior units.


Everyone already knows this story: it happened a long time ago and Malebolgia was killed, betrayed by Al just like he was by his superiors in life.

Even though Malebolgia should be dead by now, Spawn felt a demonic presence of the lower spheres coming to Earth. Another portal opened by Jason Wynn?


Malebolgia coming back for vengeance? It doesn't really matter now.

Better send them back with some chains and bullets, maybe that'll help 'em stay where they really ought to.


In my 10th mod, you will take control of the coolest 90's anti-hero! Use chains, guns, spells, and what else you have at hand to kick ass and send those demons back to their home. Wanna know more about the mod and how to play? Read below!






Spawn can use firearms and his necroplasm to fight enemies. You can call a menu to select spells, scroll them without the menu, use a chain attack,
and even change the commands to your liking. Spawn is also more resistent to normal damage, so go wild.

This mod is also compatible with Hexen and Heretic!

Spawn can taunt enemies, using one-liners voiced by the one and only Keith David! Extracted from Mortal Kombat 11, some edited by me.

You can also destroy most of the scenario using your guns and chains, even when dual wielding, so remember to bind your keys in Mod Options! :)




D O U B L E   J U M P


Press your jump button, and when you are in the air, press it again to perform a double jump. If you want, you can press them really fast and perform a super jump, to get to even higher places! And possibily break maps, something i am not responsible for.






After you bind your controls in [color=#FF0000]Mod Options[/color], press the dash key + a movement key to dash either forward, backwards or sideways. This can be very helpful to avoid enemies projectiles and attacks, or to increase vertical mobility in big maps!







Spawn is going to fight hell, and he's going gunned to the teeth. When holding a single weapon, you can cast your selected spell with Altfire.
Many weapons can be dual wielded, and when dual wielding weapons, use the quick cast key to cast spells.

Weapons are divided in 4 ammo types, some weapons are stronger, some are faster, some are both. Just find your prefered combination and kick some ass!

Chains: One of your starter weapons. Attack enemies at close distance, hold the attack key to keep swinging.
Pistol: Reasonnable damage and good accuracy, but low DPS (damage per second). Better if used akimbo, but good at close to medium range.
Handcannon: Excellent damage and accuracy at medium to close range. However, slow to use, even when dual wielded.
Shotgun: Automatic shotgun, fast and strong, but only efficient at close ranges. when dual wielded, is excellent to fight bosses.
Boomstick: "Hits like a truck! - Combine_Kegan". Opposed to is sister, the boomstick deals a powerful shot, but the reloading is its sin. Use wisely.
SMG: Chews bullets at 700RPM. Weaker than the pistol, but a good choice to fight hordes, even better dual wielded. Not recommended at long ranges.
Thumper: Automatic grenade launcher. Stand far from explosion, good for long ranges and groups of monsters alike.
Assault Rifle: Good damage, fire rate and accuracy, a jack-of-all-trades. Keep it with you at all times.
Minigun: Make a bloodbath with this baby, perfect at close ranges to fight anything that moves. Bucket and mop not included.
Sniper: This gun not only fires standard rifle bullets, but also explodes on impact. Think of it as an instant grenade launcher. Perfect for long ranges.







Spawn has 9 spells at his disposal, each one with different effects and applications, bind a key to call the spell menu at any time and find out what is your favorite!

Necroball: Standard hell fireball. Explodes upon impact.
Necrobomb: Deals a powerful attack that damages everything on the screen.
Necroheal: Heals Spawn's life back to full. Comsumption varies according to health left.
Necrodash: A dash movement faster and stronger than normal, can pass through enemies projectiles and damage them.
Necromissile: Behaves like the Necroball, however it seeks enemies, it's weaker, slower and does not explodes upon impact.
Necropunch: Spawn deals a powerful punch loaded with Necroplasm. Has a low cost and must be used at close range.
Necrojump: A super jump movement, can be used to reach higher places.
Necrowarp: Teleports Spawn back tp the beginning of the stage.
Necroguardian: Summons one ball that orbits around Spawn for 20 seconds. Damages enemies when it touches them.





D O W N L O A D!

Contains the main file (18mb).


S P A W N   J U K E B O X
Contains music from most Spawn games, aside from a few menu themes. No commercial musics (such as Iced Earth's The Dark Saga or the Movie Soundtrack) are included, for legal reasons. Even being protected by copyrights, the videogame OST's have the differential that they are not sold in physical/digital stores (220mb).


A L T E R N A T E   T I T L E M A P

Alternate titlemap with a more moody approach (3mb).


A L T E R N A T E   S O U N D S

Do you want more POWER to your guns? This patch by Wolvexus brings sounds for all guns and add that punch you want (800kb).










AS ALWAYS, it's good to remind:
I don't want to leave any names outta this. I am not a freeloader, and if i had
forgot you, or credited the wrong person, PLEASE, tell me and i'll update this
list as soon as possible or as a new update is on the way.

First of all, thanks to all my beta testers:

- YukesVonFaust, CaptainJ, Skelegant, Combine_Kegan, PillowBlaster, Tyrant120,
Zikshadow, Victorious_Games, Golden Mobster 72, Sgt. Shivers, Lewis L., Alb800,
Light/Crimson, TerminusEst13 and other fellas.

Special thanks to Jekyll Grim Payne/Agent_Ash: For taking his precious time
trying to help me with ZScript. Although it wasn't possible to do what i wanted,
i am pretty sure i want to make things in a cleaner way once i understand ZSC better.

- My Wife and my Cat: For taking me out of any bad feelings, always reminding me
i am at home.


My basis is composed of Agent_Ash, YukesVonFaust, The Railgunner, wildweasel,
among others. But the double jump script is credited to KeksDose (original author),
and copied from Doom Incarnate, with authorization from D3athstalker

Dash/Jump script and Dash/jump cooldown ACS by willkuer.

Spell menu script edited from willkuer commands

- in progress -


Muzzleflashes mostly by Endie and some from Blood (Monolith Software)
Most weapon pickup sprites made with The Railgunner and Carbine Dioxide sprites.

Hands and chains from Hexen/Neoworm sprites, edited by me: Except one of them
comes from a Castledoomia, which i believe it was made by xenoxols.

Pistol: chronoteeth and YukesVonFaust
Shotgun: Sgt. Mark IV and Captain J, pickup by Pillowblaster, edited by me.
SMG: kofeinoe_zerno, JMartinez and Golden Mobster72
Thumper: chronoteeth and Franco Tieppo, TerminusEst13 for the projectile.
Minigun: Willkuer
Sniper: Captain J and zrriontheinsect, YukesVonFaust (scope), and Doom 64 for muzzleflashes.
Rifle: The Project Brutality team, TiberiumSoul, kofeinoe_zerno, Franco Tieppo,
D3ATHST4LKER and Pillowblaster. Authorized by PA1NKILL3R.
Boomstick: jdredalert and YukesVonFaust
Handcannon: Wildweasel, PaulNMN, LossForWords and Hacx (Banjo Software).
Chain pickup sprite from Todd McFarlane's Spawn (SNES)


Ricochet, spell and chain sounds all from Mortal Kombat 11.

Most weapon fire sounds are from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,
but mixed with the game Killing Floor, except where mentioned:

Casing Sounds: Max Payne 2: The fall of Max Payne (Remedy Studios).
Weapon ready sounds and spell ready sounds from Spawn: Armageddon.

Sniper scope sounds from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Minigun fireloop from Spawn: Armageddon (Point of View studios),
spin up and spin down by PC1073.

Boomstick sounds from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (reload sounds),
firing sounds mixed from Fallout 3 and Max Payne 2.

Revolver Spin sounds from Spawn Armageddon.


Medikits and Necroplasm are by Eriance (BFG projectile), recolored by me.
Some pickups have a surrounding effect from Spawn: The Eternal (PSX),
ripped by me using jPSXDec.

Pistol Clip and Nightvision from ww-Doomnukem, by wildweasel and DoomNukem.
Pistol Box: Doom 64, edited by me and then edited by TypicalSF.

Shotgun Shell: The Railgunner and TiberiumSoul
Shotgun Shellbox: Doom 64 and The Railgunner, edited by me and then edited by TypicalSF.

Both Grenade Ammo sprites by Pillowblaster, edited by me.

Rifle Magazine: TiberiumSoul and Pillowblaster.
Rifle Box: Doom 64 (Nintendo 64) and Wolfenstein 3D (Panasonic 3DO),
recolored and edited by me, then edited by TypicalSF.

Rotating Area Map and Backpack by JoeyTD (Vanilla as Fuck)

Globe of Shadows (Invisibility): Doom 64 and Spawn: the Eternal, edited by me.
Invulnerability: Doom 64 and Spawn: the Eternal, edited by me.
Hell Gauntlets: Hexen, recolred and edited by me.
Radiation Protection: Doom 64, recolored by me.


All sounds (ammo, items, powerups) from Mortal Kombat 11 (Netherrealm studios).
Except the comic book sound, which comes from Spawn (Game Boy Advance).


HUD sprites From Spawn: The Eternal, ripped by me
HUD numbers from Todd McFarlane's Spawn (SNES)
Logo and menu font from Todd McFarlane's Spawn (SNES)
Interpic by The Doomguy, made specially for the mod!
Intertext by GoalDude-00


Spawn: The Eternal (PlayStation), ripped by me using both Audacity and JPSXDec.


Secret sound from Spawn: in the Demon's hand (Dreamcast), startup sound from
Spawn: Armageddon (as well as tick sound in Hexen startup).


Spawn: The Eternal (PlayStation), ripped by me using both Audacity and JPSXDec.


Shadow Warrior (Evil Ninja), Doom (Baron of hell) and
Todd McFarlane's Spawn (SNES).

Black Baron basis by IMX


Mortal Kombat 11 (Netherrealm Studios),
and one sound from Soul Calibur 2 (XBox version, Namco).

Some one-liners are edited.

Dash, jumping and spell sounds are mostly from Mortal Kombat 11, some are from


Splashes by Enjay
Meta props by Kinsie
Meta props sprites from Doom (Romero's 21st anniversary sprite dump),
Hexen, Doom 64 and Skelegant

Guess that's it. Everything else should be credited to me,
and if not, i apologize for my poor memory and i'll fix this document
as soon as possible. No thefts intented here.


Have fun!!!

Spawn® 2020 is a property of Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc., TMP International, Inc., Todd McFarlane Entertainment, Inc., all Rights Reserved.
All characters, images and logos on this mod are protected by trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property laws.

Edited by GAA1992

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