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Use KEy...again

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I wan't to uncover a previously revolting skeleton out of my closet because I feel it has a different picture to it.
I know we discussed Use Key before and the majority of the people found the absence of the use key to actually hinder the gameplay of the game and introduce complexities in the interface. However, that was prior to the alpha and I know a lot of you have played alpha so my question is this:

"Now would you agree with Carmack that use key is a gimmck? If you do not, would you still agree that doom3 without a use key is actually better than a doom3 with a use key?"

My opinion is what it was before actually playing the alpha, I thought no use key would actually add value to doom3, make it more immersive because the action is continuous. I was pleasantly surprised when doom3 played even better than my anticipation. Having no use key is not a bad thing at all, It adds to the feel of the game, making you more involved and more personal with the environment. I only address this issue because I feel alot of people have changed their views on this.

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I don't think the use key is a gimmick at all. I think it's an outdated game mechanic. Back in the day, it was important. Now, not so much. I think that an "activate item" key is useful in games like System Shock and Deus Ex, where you target things you can interact with, but Doom 3's system works well, also.

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Shaviro said:

I think Carmack is right. The way the manipulation mode works is just perfect.

I second that.

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Lord FlatHead said: "Holy shit. I actually agree with Katarhyne."


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Heh, that's one of the things I liked about Quake and Quake2, you didn't have to slap the spacebar every time you wanted to manipulate a button or open a door. It's a good thing IMO. Good to hear it will be in Doom3.

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