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Alien Revengeance (W.I.P teaser levels)

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Hello there, fellow DOOMers !


My name is Origamyde, I hail from the distant and mysterious country of France, and here's a sneak peek at an upcoming project of mine that I've been working on since probably 2-3 months (as of now) =)


Right now, there's about 11 maps to be played, tuned for DOOM II. They range from castle to city-like and some occasional nature-themed levels, with a teaspoon of hellish stuff in-between to bind them together from map01 up until map11. All vanilla, no new textures or whatever !

Difficulty might vary, and is totally subject to change depending on feedback ;)

Most of them are solely compatible with GZDoom, and can be played in any sort of flavor you want. Bear in mind that aside from vanilla, some modes like Brutal Doom are more likely to fit, since I intend on releasing a Brutal Doom-compatible version when everything will be wrapping up.

Jumping, Mouselook and all other things related are allowed. Purists can get into it without any issues, as I made sure they can be played vanilla-style as well.









 >>>> ALIENREVENGEANCE[1-11].rar <<<<


Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestion provided by you, guys, and have fun ! :O

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