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Strife Forever (unrelated to the game "Strife")

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Hi all,


If anybody remembers an old website titled "This Strife" or "That Strife", or alternatively a related site named "Strife Strips",
the guy who used to host these places decided to create a related website and Discord. Both of these are titled "Strife Forever".


Website link: http://www.strifeforever.com/
Discord link: https://discord.gg/RMB9z5k
Announcement on Tumblr (made around the time the Discord was created): https://strifestrips.tumblr.com/post/629684453836472320/join-the-strife-forever-discord-server


For the ones who don't know, "This/That Strife" and "Strife Strips" used to cover comics, mostly made in Duke Nukem 3D with the Build editor, while often starring Duke Nukem, the Doom Marine and Walter Bennet.
There were also some more contents, not just from one author; Examples being StrifeToons and the UberForum.


Although the original websites were shut down, eventually almost all of the "This/That Strife" comics were uploaded to Tumblr. I further confirm that 5 missing comics have become viewable from the "Strife Forever" website.


The following blog should cover most of the previously re-uploaded "This/That Strife" comics, and as of recent, also a few more old contents: https://strifestrips.tumblr.com/
I was actually building a backup of the aforementioned "This/That Strife" comics (as viewable from the blog), in the following page, a part of a Duke4.net-hosted site: https://ny.duke4.net/strife/strifesrelaunched.html

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While I'm posting almost a month late about this, the first "Strife Forever" comic has been up since Nov 1st. It's the first out of a three part episode.

The second part is expected to be published tomorrow (Dec 1st), followed by the third part on Jan 1st.


The Strife Forever website and/or Discord can be checked for future updates as usual.

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