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Just put out together the ID Software Multiverses (Relams)

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Remember in Youngblood. BJ Blazkowicz, aka “Terror-Billy,” say to twin daughters Sophia and Jessica about there 100 dimensions when he found God key" are known as Da'at Yichud. Will then for years fans try connecting id software games togethers like Doom & Wolfenstein, but we alright know that but what if looking at timelines and bit of details lores like codex (Doom) & documents (Wolfenstein) with look at other id titles in past to further evidence and to put together a lists of extra inter-dimensions to different worlds & realms (between worlds and through time). Well Hell exists outside of space and time. Here are list of different dimensions:

  • Hell
  • Urdak
  • Telos Realm
  • Argent D'Nur (Sentinel universe)
  • Earth 7th Dimension (classic doom possibly shared with RPGs & 64 and original Wolfenstein & Commander Keen)
  • Alternate Earth (Doom 2016/Eternal, and possibly shared with Doom 3 & The New Order,The New Colossus & Youngblood)
  • Shub-Niggurath Relam (Quake 1 Standalone Universe)
  • Arena Eternal (Quake Arena/Champions, links to many other realms across ID multiverse)
  • Strogg Universe (Quake 2/4 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars)
  • Parthoris (Heretic)
  • Thyrion (Hexen II)
  • Cronos (Hexen: Beyond Heretic)
  • Rage Universe (Rage/Rage 2) (What if that BFG 9000 was the original BFG 9000 from classic doom)


From Ancient Gods Part 1 Teaser Trailer Father or VEGA once say this “You are here to restore order to my world. With the demons in control, you understand the threat they pose to all of my creations.”. Hey say “Threat they pose to all of my creations.”. Creations not only mayks but the father before 10.000 or millions like say before 100 A.D. (In Doom Reboot Timeline when Germans begin using runes for magical and ordinary writing. They were able to use runes as a method of gaining insight into the future or the unknown by supernatural means). So meaning The Father created Humans,People of Argenta,Wraiths,Da'at Yichud (who maybe have connection with Maykrs and Hebeth),Strogg and Sidhe all have been made by one god? Either proof theory true or maybe bit false, connected id software multiverse is real but further to seem bigger connected here. Some are canon or not? It really interesting to seem since id software & Machinegame secretly created universe build off past id games.


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The Hell Slayer, the Dark contrapart of the DoomGuy, have a logo of Quake, this would be a conection that he fougth on this kinda of places?


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