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Making Texture edit on Boom


There is a bug in the Boom engine, mainly the PRBoom Launcher and the GLBoom+ , somehow the engine doesn't load the Texture that I imported in my wad, but it works just fine on ZDoom / GZDoom and any other ports, so how do I fix this problem? 


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To add a texture for a Boom wad, you'll need not just to place it somewhere, but add it to PNAMES and then to TEXTURE1. If you use slade, just press on Add to TEXTUREx  as shown here:


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You need to right click them and add to patch table first, then right click again and add to texturex. Make sure your new lumps are between pp_start and pp_end  markers.

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I've come up with a simpler solution:

Set your base archive as Doom 2 (it's optional but doing something with textures without issues will be easier this way I think)

Copy TEXTURE1 and PNAMES from Doom 2 to your wad

Then place your ALTAQUA and ASPHALT between PP_START and PP_END markers as Doomkid stated above (create null lumps and name them like that)

Select ALTAQUA and ASPHALT and click on "Add to TEXTUREx" and they will be added to both PNAMES and TEXTURE1


If you don't want to bring all Doom 2 textures in your TEXTURE1, delete them there leaving your new textures untouched then save TEXTURE1 and rename it as TEXTURE2

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