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quake 2 modding

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is there still an active quake 2 modding community?


quake 2 and doom 2 has always been my favorite fps games


I even did a few quake 2 maps many many years ago


I am mainly looking for a quake 2 source port with md3 support...Quake2XP will not run on any of my systems,


however r1q2 "enhanced quake 2" does apparently run fine but does not support md3 models and is not maintained...


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For singleplayer Quake 2 has a less active community than its predecessor but in recent years there has been a slight resurgence in user levels which can all be found on ModDB. I did find this website some time ago which has quite a few levels on it but a few download links are down.


As for sourceports, have you tried Yamagi or KMQuake2? I can't find out for certain if those support .md3 but those are always options for you.

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