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Percy T

Tell Me Something About Yourself!

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I spend a lot of time surfing the "Everything Else" page. There is definitely some cool and fun topics, but I feel like there isn't enough threads where we get to share things about ourselves and get personal. So, tell me something about yourself! Whether it's a recent trip or vacation, an embarrassing or cringe moment you witnessed, a near-death experience, or just a wholesome story, anything you want. I would love to know you all better, because there sure is a lot of variety amongst this community and everyday I spend on Doomworld is an interesting experience.  

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I don't even post much in doomworld. All I do is lurk and observe like some fucking degenerate that I am.

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I'm in charge of 4 cats.


Also really like to just sit down in my garage and bath in the sun

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6 hours ago, Eric Claus said:

I think my workplace might be haunted...not sure how I am on the whole ghost thing though.


Ghost scare the living piss outta me!


Don’t know if they’re real, don’t want to know if they are real! Generally I am a man of science and always want to find out how things work / test things but I am happy to live in blissful ignorance on that subject :-P


Anyways, apart from being shit scared of ghosts, I am 6’2” tall :-P

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Might as well just leave this here.


I'm a 27 year old idiot who is too scared to leave his comfort zone to become better at something in life, has emotional issues sometimes irl & I feel like I've failed on most things that others have achieved.

I have no girlfriend & never dated, was too scared to be called a creep & too scared to be punched by a boyfriend who I had no idea that random girlfriend had.


Constantly insecure, worried about dumb things, tries to be productive but ends up being lazy & doing nothing. Every. Single. Day

The only thing I end up doing is watching streamers & listening to vg music at home. I barely game or map for some odd reason.

Feels like I have to force myself to do those things. My interests in things quickly change, sometimes they just plummet.


Awful life i have but hey, if that's me, that's me.

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"I like big bikes and I cannot lie..."


When I was younger, I got one of these:

This bike was killed after some fucker did something stupid on the road that left me in a coma for 7 months.


I then got one of these:

Actually, I had two... Rode one so much it fell apart (78k miles!!), the other stayed in the family.


Then I got one of these, just as my first child was born. This one is still going strong:


I also needed a "small commuter bike", so I got one of these as well:

This has a detuned R1 engine...






Edited by smeghammer

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I like beef gravy on toast.


I don't like lobster or chocolate.


I don't believe in ghosts.


I listen to all genres of music, especially the metal and the hard rocks.


I like the bagpipes. Crank the pipes I say.


I want to get back into oil / acrylic painting after not touching that stuff in years. I've not figured out water colors yet despite having tried.


I like to make pizza and bread and cooking in general is fun.


I think it would be cool to design and build a rat rod.


When I was a kid / teen I would scratch build or fix bicycles. I haven't owned a bike in years. I used to get parts from my dad's collection in a shed he had and from friends and also an illegal garbage dump as people would throw away bike parts and frames n stuff. Many years ago The dump got cleaned up and turned into a cemetery (I always try to put an 'a' in cemetery) and I'm not seeing the improvement. hah!


I like the brown, grimy, castles and bases in Quake.


I used to mod for Half-Life but I never finished anything on there.


I find astronomy and archeology interesting.


I like mythology, especially Greek Mythology.


The only country I've visited outside of Canada is the United States.


Life is too short.

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11 minutes ago, kalaeth said:

I'm currently half-hungover. As is usual on a Saturday morning.


Those days are long gone unfortunately:-( 


Half-term with a 5 and 9 yo. Endless Minecraft YT vids and standing on Lego with bare feet. It's pissing down, so can't even go for a blast on my bike.

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I enjoy lots of metal and other genres, grim weather, playtesting, streaming, cracking wise, trying to be to be productive but I spend more time procrastinating, comics, mythology, overthinking and worrying too much to the point of becoming paranoid, sometimes obsessively, & much more.

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I loved Tenchu and Tenchu2 so much that in 2002 i ended up making around 75 custom missions. It was fun to make them and share them, and also to play other's missions. 

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I have an 11 year old orange tabby cat and a 3 year old grey tabby cat... they love helping out with "that IT stuff"

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I'm 16 years old and 90% of the time I love listening to Heavy metal, grunge, hard rock and black but not too often.

I also love 90's fps.

Edited by DevilMyEyes

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I'm a yellow-eyed Mongol clan chieftain who herds goats for a living, and does DooM-related stuff in my free time. Oh, and my ambition is to graduate from herding goats to herding yaks. And if I get really rich, I'll be herding camels and making big bucks selling cheese to the snooty crowd that has too much money and too little taste.

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My favourite elements are xenon (because it forms a surprising range of compounds) and boron (since it forms electron-deficient compounds, and just conceivably, might be the basis of an alternate chemistry of life). My favourite mathematical function is x^x. My favourite German/Indian fusion dish is Shahi Paneer Spätzle. My favourite ski run is Corkscrew Gully. Or at least it used to be. My favourite small town is Uummannaq. My favourite gravitational-wave observatory is LIGO.

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