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are there mods with the monsters from "a quiet place"?

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my brother is scared of them, and I guess the best way to get over them is by killing the bastards. any mods with the monsters or mods with demons that have similar traits to the monsters in the movie? if you read this far, thank you very much for your time.

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Not that I know of really. I'm no doctor but have you just tried helping him figure out that it's all just a film and help him calm down

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This actually makes an interesting idea for a wad. Introduce a new enemy that's unkillable, fast as fuck, and kills you in one shot. The main goal is to never awaken them, and if you do then to get out as fast as possible. Start off with maps solely featuring it,  then move on to having to deal with regular doom enemies as well. Would be a cool community project to see what people could come up with...

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