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Things that aren't wads, that Ar_e_en made (mostly digital graphic art, but maybe some other things as well)

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Sometimes I like to draw as a hobby, and I figured that I might as well post some of my amateurish stuff in this Creative Works section, maybe I'll post some of the other things that I have made that aren't drawn (I have a few homemade videos for instance).


You can mostly expect digital drawn art from me.


For the first piece - I'm gonna post my most recent work that I just finished!

It's 3 characters from a couple of DOOM Engine based games - The Gunslinger from Memoirs of Magic, Kissa from Chosen and Square from The Adventures of Square.



Edited by Ar_e_en : Fixed a minor mistake in the art

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I also made this image a couple of days ago when I made that thread about The Adventures of Square secrets. After all these days I still find it funny!




The original TAoS secrets thread:


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Went digging into my archive and found 2 pieces I created years ago, I know that I was gonna use these for something bigger, but I can't remember what it was. Anyway, here they are:





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Here's something you can try at home: open up your art program and scribble like a maniac, just draw whatever, don't even think about it, smear your scribbles, add filters, be random! Once you've grown tired of doing aimless doodling - try and find meaning or structure in your mess, find patterns and enhance any spot that could make your piece a bit more coherent. Finally - turn your messed up image of chaos into something relatively orderly and coherent.


This is something that I like to do from time to time and sometimes it can create some things that are pretty interesting and unique!

As an example: my profile picture (the duck in rags) was made with this method.




And here is a recent piece (2 frogs) I made with this method:




They kinda look like characters that would be designed by Sally Cruikshank (which is an observation I only made after creating this thing).

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Another creation with the "doodle whatever" technique: A Martian Soldier.




I might add a bit more to this work in the future, because this gave me an inspiration for something.

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