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Monster falls into the ground then disappears script?

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What script scenario would I create if I wanted say.... some group of monsters to fall into a pit and as soon as they hit the ground they disappear instead of just lying dead. I know its a weird scenario but I'm doing something in my upcoming map.

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You can use "Actor hits floor" and check "Monsters activate" then change its action to "132 - Remove Thing", so as soon as the monsters hits the ground they get removed. You can also use action "226" to run a script to either kill the player or remove the monster as soon as they hit the ground if you also want the player to be able to be affected by it.

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Depending on what's supposed to be at the bottom of the pit, you can also hide the real bottom below an opaque-but-nonsolid 3D floor. So the monster corpses are still there, but you can't see them because you see the fake floor above them instead!

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