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New Clippy map with all kinds of backpacks and stuff come on by!

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Sorry, it took me a little bit.  Real interesting use of space and I got to appreciate just how it all unfolds.  Clearly, you know some evil ways to make use of a few Archies, heh.  I went PR > CG > SSG >BFG > SG > RL, had to rely on a little bit of infighting before the SSG, but it was pretty doable.

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Posted (edited)

I'm resurrecting this thread as I never got to finish trying this map until yesterday. Since you were inspired by my backpack-filled WAD I definitely wanted to try this level out.


It was super fun/challenging, so many surprise encounters and I never felt safe, always having to react and run around trying to avoid getting hit. I liked how so many of the fights were claustrophobic but still gave you paths to maneuver and think. A bit panic-inducing too. It felt like every weapon, room and item had a surprise punishment waiting for me. Little spaces and rooms all over the place lead to interesting monster placements, such as the dark area with the tree sprites where you had to squeeze in-between them to get health. I also liked the sprawling progression and how more areas revealed themselves as you progressed. Overall just very hectic and fun to play. I played through the map multiple times to try and find everything.   


The purple spinning space-sky, wooden textures/paneling, and glowing torches all matched up really well. Really cool and strange, and much more interesting than a tech-base map. Sort of a sci-fi/dream-like atmosphere going on here:







Ammo and balance was also good. In the beginning I was always low on ammo/health and having to choose when to fight or run, and I liked how your ammo (backpack) pool starting growing halfway through the map, which also made circling back to previous areas satisfying as you were able to start clearing out monsters and feeling a bit more in control of the chaos. There was one part where it seemed like 25+ cacodemons spawned in and I was getting my ass kicked from trying to manage it all.


Everything was nicely thought-out and punishing, I really liked the design of everything here and am glad I was able to finally play it!! 



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At first I was concerned that there would not be enough backpacks, but then I noticed there were backpacks, and because backpacks were there, I got to enjoy backpacks.


There were backpacks, never forget that.

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@hjordan159 thanks so much for giving it a play, yes your map had a lot of backpacks and was the direct inspiration for this as I pondered what if I made a map with only backpack pickups and this prompted me to come up with the multiple weapons at the start since each backpack fuels all weapons. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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4 hours ago, sectrslayr said:

Heck, @Clippy! I cannot survive the first room.

Also the turning sky is a neat touch. What kind of sorcery is this?


It's a pretty rough map tbh haha - difficulty settings are implemented


Also it's all about mapinfo


I use slade to put a mapinfo lump in the wad with this info:


map MAP01 "Backpack Snack Attack Party Pack"
levelnum 1
next MAP02
secretnext MAP02
sky1 SKYBLZ_9 1
cluster 5
par 260
music D_RUNNIN


This line here "sky1 SKYBLZ_9 1" with the 1 at the end sets how fast the sky rotates - 0 is normal

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