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Nick Perrin

Vavoom and Dehacked Questions

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I didn't post this in the 'Editing' forum for some reason, but I have two questions, if anyone here is kind enough to waste their time answering them.

1.Can vavoom work with DDF, The coding that runs EDGE? I remember a headline on DooMWorld that said vavoom was tested with GunsPC which is DDF.

2.Where can I get the latest DeHacked? Although I make mods with DDF, I'd love to make a DM mod, and the dehacked that I have is obviously outdated as there are tons of new effects in dehacked mods that I am seeing today.

Thank you for your time!

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Dunno about the Vavoom stuff, but the Dehacked you have is probably the up to date version (last version was 3.1, which you can get from the DW utils DL page).

Notepad is the new Dehacked. ie, all the fancy stuff that has been added by various ports needs to be added manually to the patch file using a text editor.

This started when team TNT released BOOM, with its BOOM Extensions to Dehacked (giving rise to the BEX file extension - used to identify a deh file but with BOOM specific sections added in a text editor).

Since then different ports have added stuff. I think Zdoom has probably added the most, including a few MBF pointers, plus quite a few pointers of its own that allow Heretic and Hexen style options, more thing bit mnemonics (reflective, floorclip etc), the ability to use any sound with a thing (so you are not just limited to the sounds available in doom), new ways of specifying how much ammo a weapon uses, new translucency types, removing monster infighting and more that don't spring to mind ATM. All of these options are added via a text editor.

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Thanks, kinda like DDF. But how do I add the text file into my dehacked, and how would I format it?

So, anyone know if vavoom can use DDF?

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Nick Perrin said:

But how do I add the text file into my dehacked, and how would I format it?

The file boomdeh.txt that came with BOOM covers most of the formatting issues.

I've got a few dehacked tutorial pages on my site which includes some info about the BEX format. I also have a copy of boomdeh.txt on my site here.

The only thing to watch is that once you add BEX style additions to your file, it becomes incompatible with the dehacked program, which will report errors on loading the file and remove the sections it doesn't understand when you save using dehacked.

I usually do most of the stuff I want to use dehacked for first, and then add the bex stuff later, usually keeping a "clean" deh version of the file handy in case I need to go back into dehacked.

You can also use the "include" command in your patch file to include a second patch. So, you could have your deh stuff in one file and have a line like:


after the comments about doom version and so on to pull in your BEX changes.

Once you have done all the hacking you want, consolidate it all into one file and insert it in your wad as a lump called DEHACKED - most ports support that now I think.

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