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Intermission Screen Background


Does anyone know how to change the background in the intermission screen? Also I guess I could ask the same question with the tittle screen as well. How do you even make the images?

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TITLEPIC is the title screen image.

INTERPIC is the intermission screen image.

Both of these images are typically 320x200. That's 320 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall.


A popular tool for editing Doom WADs is SLADE so I recommend using this tool to add things to your WAD. So if you want to change the TITLEPIC or INTERPIC all you have to do is insert your own image in the WAD and name them as such to replace the original ones in Doom 2. You may have to package your images in a .zip file first to open it in SLADE though. You can even open your DOOM2.WAD in SLADE also and see every file's name that you may want to replace right from the source.

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