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Probably the dumbest wad ever created. It modifies the enemy, weapon and pickup behavior to all be stupid numbers.


  • Cyberdemon is replaced with Floridaman, a clone of the zombieman whom has a machine gun and it's health is literally 1337.
  • Commander Keen is replaced with a clone of the ss, the Terminator SS, who has more health, has a better machine gun, and probably my greatest achievement ever; adding Arachnotron walk sounds to an enemy.
  • The arachnotron and spiderdemon now behave more like spiders.
  • The Chaingunner is now a turret.
  • The Super Shotgun is now the WowGun, which will fire a more powerful blast.
  • The chainsaw is now a fractal buzzsaw that will tear through your enemies.
  • The Mancubus is now Zeus and you shall not defy him.
  • The Archvile has been fixed to be not as annoying.
  • The shotgunner is now the easiest enemy in the game. However, it comes with a catch; he drops himself. [This also means that shotguns will be replaced with shotgun guys.]
  • The pinky demon drank one too many bud lites.
  • The spectre is stoned.
  • The Pain Elemental now shoots sentient rockets.
  • The cacodemon is now a beach dude[And by dude i mean bully.]
  • The zombieman has slightly more health.
  • The imp is now a simp[this makes it so that he will always know your location.]
  • The baron of hell and hell knight took different magic mushrooms.
  • The plasma rifle now shoots Lost Souls.
  • The BFG9000 now shoots Baron of hell knight fireballs.[It has also been renamed to FLG9001, which means "Fucking Limp Gun 9001".]
  • The Rocket launcher now shoots Mancubus fireballs.
  • All armor with protection values of 33.3 are now 25.
  • The health bonus is now a pepsi and restores 3x the health!!
  • Made the barrels more realistic[and by realistic i mean insane.]
  • More enemies now resurrect[don't worry, the shotgun guy cant resurrect.]
  • All enemies [except the shotgun guy] can now be resurrected.
  • Gave the SS a lot of 🅱️0🅱️ux and now he's more 5w4g.
  • And here is all of that congealed into one video.


Edited by Telemassacre : Updated the mod.

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Screenshots/videos or it's just a Terrywad.


definitely not referencing "screenshots or it didn't happen" in a poor taste.


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9 hours ago, Telemassacre said:


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  • The baron of hell and hell knight took different magic mushrooms


This speaks to me on a personal level, for some reason... *looks at avatar and username*

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