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Egg Boy

Removing "unmodified Id resources" from my wad

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I tried to upload my WAD to idgames, and it got rejected because it apparently had unmodified id resources in it, I used the 32in24-14 texture WAD, and removed everything I didn't use, I tried, myself, to fix the problem but kind of fucked up all the patches.

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1 minute ago, Mordeth said:

Slade can detect those id resources and remove them for you.

I found this feature, but there were still what looked like Id resources so I was kind of scared, upon further inspection, the stuff that wasn't removed appears to be textures from the _Fixed section of the texture set, which I assume implies they are modified Id resources.

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I really should have made a thread about this ages ago but there's always so much to do and so little time!




You can use this to create a database of your Doom.wad, Doom2.wad and final Doom wads, then you can check your PWAD against your generated database. It will easily spit out a list of duplicates that it finds, which you can save as a text, then just slightly modify every resource it detects. Very simple way to make sure your wad is idgames ready!

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