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Arachnotron turns into ham when it dies?

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9 hours ago, HorrorMovieGuy said:



And is that its' damn ARM hanging over one of the metal legs, under the guts?!  Never noticed THAT

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Yeah, I've always seen it as a comical ham.


I've also always seen the Pigcop's dead body like below.




It wasn't until many years later I realized the "mohawk" was his teeth and its "mouth" was actually its eyes

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"No, I said steamed spiders. That's what I call spiderburgers."
"You call spiderburgers steamed spiders?"
"Yes, it's a regional dialect."


Apparently my brain does really weird things at 4am.

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I've always noticed the ham connection, but I'm embarrassed to admit I've never been brave enough to talk about it.

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