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DM2CONV/GFXMAKER v3.2 utility Windows/Linux/macOS x86/x64 port

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DM2CONV/GFXMAKER v3.2 utility Windows/Linux/macOS x86/x64 port.


  • DM2CONV converts DOOM/ULTIMATE DOOM/DOOM2/HERETIC levels to run with one of the other games.
  • GFXMAKER creates WAD file that contains all the textures of a specified set of games.







DM2CONV v3.2 by Vincenzo Alcamo (alcamo@arci01.bo.cnr.it) VERSION 951116
Ported by Ivan Ivon (ivan.ivon@gmail.com)
Interchange maps among [ULTIMATE] DOOM, DOOM II and HERETIC.

Usage: DM2CONV <input> [output] [/symbol[=[value]]]... <@response>...

  input        name of wad file to convert
  output       name of output file (if omitted, the source is overwritten)
  symbol       symbol to define (/symbol=value) or undefine (/symbol=)
  @response    name of response file

To convert levels from game_A to game_B use the appropriate response file,
following this convention: D=DOOM, UD=ULTIMATE DOOM, D2=DOOM II, H=HERETIC.
Example for DOOM to HERETIC conversion:  DM2CONV input output @:DTOH
Example for DOOM II to DOOM conversion:  DM2CONV input output @:D2TOD

If you use the wads built by GFXMAKER you should define the GFX symbol.
Example for HERETIC to DOOM conversion:  DM2CONV input output /GFX @:HTOD

Full instructions are contained inside DM2CONV.DOC: this file and the official
response file DEFAULT.RSP are part of the DM2CONV distribution package.



DM2CONV.EXE curse.wad curse2doom.wad @:HTOD

Starting HERETIC -> DOOM conversion
Copying source to destination
Processing with REMAP=OFF,MIX=OFF,SEED=0
Remapped  LEVELS:   10     MUSICS:    5     TEXTURES:22306     FLOORS  :34072
          THINGS:10238     NAMES :    3     LACTIONS:  235     SACTIONS: 1189



More screenshots.


Usage example.




  • Runs on Windows/Linux/macOS x86/x64.
  • Produces same output as original DOS utility.
  • Supports file names longer than 8.3 (total path limitation is 255 characters).


Known Issues


  • Contains all original bugs if any.


Distribution Changes


  • Original DOS executables were moved to ORIGINAL.EXE folder.
  • 64-bit binaries are in x64 folder. Copy them one level up to use.
  • Ported sources are included; original are in git first commit.
  • Lazarus projects were added.
Edited by i2van : macOS port.

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