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1) Get UDB
2) Open UDB
3) Make map
4) ????????
5) Profit

But seriously, the best tip to any new mapper is to just get started. You'll learn far more by doing. Don't worry about adding custom stuff until you've made a map.

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I feel you should be a bit more specific - do you need tips how to design encounters or how to make maps look clean and nice to look?Maybe here's passage that gives you trouble?Maybe tips how to properly start mapping? Without giving more context is really difficult to tell what you need. 

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4 hours ago, Kdklcio124 said:

I'm currently making a Doom wad (Custom textures, custom audio, modding) and I want some tips.

Custom textures: Unless you have some artistic talent, don't try to (wholesale) create your own graphics. Not only does it take talent, it also takes time and effort. So if you want the public to appreciate the results, be prepared for a lot of work. [Alternatively, if you have a modest amount of talent and some time on your hands, you can take existing resources and modify them to suit the theme of your mod.]

Custom audio: Same suggestions as for custom textures, except it's much more difficult to existing modify audio files and produce a suitable result.

Modding: I presume you mean new maps, new weapons, and new enemies. Of these, creating new enemies will probably be the most challenging, as the amount of time/talent required for the art and behavior definition generally surpasses those required for new maps & weapons.


As @Misty said, please be more specific about which aspects of your DooM wad you'd like some tips.


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The best tip I can give you is to just release something. Nobody's first map is that great, but you can get feedback from players telling you what you do well and what you need to work on.

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