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(URGENT) Wire Hoop Crafting Methods

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tl;dr if anybody has any knowledge on the construction of the flexible but stiff wire hoops used in pop-up laundry baskets and those cloth tunnels kids play in, post here

My last-minute halloween costume this year is "comically large pumpkin", a 4' wide pumpkin with a construction similar to a crinoline or one of those round paper lanterns. My only issue is the construction of the hoops: Ideally they would be made of wire, and light/flexible, but I am not sure if the wire will be stiff enough and not too plastic while being able to deform, like those in the products I mentioned above. I could just make the hoops out of flexible piping, but that would also make the costume much heavier and make the lengths etc harder to calculate due to the pipes thickness.

It seems such wire hoops are pre-tensioned; but nearly all wire is sold in loops smaller than 4'. Is there some way to "lock in" a certain form in wire, or to form it a certain way (straight) and then make it stiffer?

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