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Linedef type 37 issues in CL2


Why do sectors 0 and 2 not change floor texture, but sectors 1 and 3 do?  


The wiki says it works as follows: 

1. Find all floors adjacent to the tagged floor at destination height

2. Find the lowest numbered linedef separating those floors from that tagged

3. The sector on the other side of that linedef is the model


If this was true, they would all change (the only floor at destination height is sector 7, which is blood) - it works like this in CL9, btw.


The old Doom specs explanation doesn't seem to hold true either.  It says it should take the flat "from the sector that the lowest numbered 2 sided line in the target is attached to" - if that was true, none of them would change, as the lowest numbered 2SL for each target sector llalways looks at a sector with FLOOR0_1 in it.



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For some reason I can't figure out (and will therefore be made to look stupid if it turns out to be obvious), sectors 0 and 2 are using sector 1 as their model, which isn't valid because it's not at the destination height. The invalid model causes sectors 0 and 2 to not change floor texture, and (more seriously) to change to an invalid special sector type, which is fatal in vanilla.


Drawing control sectors first, as @TimeOfDeath666 recommends, ensures correct behaviour by making the sector on the other side of the lowest-numbered 2-sided linedef both the destination height and the model, which always works. (Perhaps the real mystery is why sectors 1 and 3 do use the intended model sector despite it not having the lowest-numbered 2-sided linedef.)

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1 minute ago, Capellan said:

Ugh.  The actual map is a lot more complicated.  I do not want to redraw it.


Sector surgery time! Find the lowest-numbered 2-sided linedef of the problem sector, and swap it with the 2-sided linedef of the control sector. (Which may be easier said than done, depending on what editor you're using.)

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I'm using GZDB and don't see an easy way to do that (but I could be missing it).


I merged a bunch of "on map" sectors, drew the control sectors, then re-drew the original stuff.  It works now, at least.


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I've had this problem before, and the easiest solution in my opinion is this:


- Create a new map, with just the needed control dummy sectors

- save and close it

- open the actual map in the editor

- mark everything

- open the map with just the control sectors

- paste in the actual map and join the control dummy sectors to its respective parts in the map.


Of course you'll need to to this twice (for architecture first and things afterwards) but I find this method easier than re-drawing stuff, trying to isolate a low-numbered linedef from elsewhere, etc.

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