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180 Minutes Pour Vivre demos [-complevel 2]

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Do you still want them uploaded?


Yes, i played with the variable -complevel 2 in prboom-plus...it seems to me.


The NM demo is ok, i 'm sure, i used -complevel 2.

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9 minutes ago, Datacore85 said:


Yes, i played with the variable -complevel 2 in prboom-plus...it seems to me.


The NM demo is ok, i 'm sure, i used -complevel 2.

Yeah, the NM demo is fine, that will be uploaded tomorrow. The other two were recorded with no cl for sure. :P If you still want them uploaded, I can do that, but just wanted to let you know in case you want don't actually want them up.

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Forget the UV demos if there is any problem with the viewing, it does not matter. The Nightmare demo is more important to me.

Edited by Datacore85

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I uploaded my D2all on youtube :




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Now, here is my lenghty comment of my own demo.


My zip file only contains about ten attempts, but you should know that making a D2all on 180mpv was a project that dates back at least a year. I had tried in a sporadic way but I always gave up quickly. I mastered 3/4 of the megawad but the last maps seemed impossible to me for a D2all (especially map 29!).

By random motivation, I tried  to do a D2all again but by practising thoroughly on the last maps this time. I was able to find different strategies to maximize my chances of survival and keep a reasonable level of pressure. This training paid off.


Now I will comment on each map :


Map 01


Nothing complicated, the soulsphere and the plasmagun are very nice gifts for a map 01.


Map 02


The second map is a bit more difficult but still very easy. Because of the high density of enemies, I preferred to kill the enemies in a linear way instead of manipulating the infight.



Map 03

We're still in kid mode. However, I tried without success to keep as much as possible  the benefits of the soulsphere obtained in a secret of map 02 in order to secure map 04 a bit.


Map 04

Despite its small size, map 04 is one of the most challenging maps in episode 1. To be more precise, its difficulty is largely determined by the behaviour of the vile. Either the vile stays back and resuscitates all the monsters it encounters or it approaches the lift and killing it from below becomes a piece of cake. The vile was very cooperative in my run, I was able to finish the level in less than 2 minutes.


Map 05

I really like this map in my run because you can supply yourself with rockets, blue armor and soulsphere. The secret island battle stays a bit dangerous despite the invulnerability. It's not rare that a revenant remains alive for example and shoots a lot of missiles without the possibility to make them hit a wall (there are trees but it's not practical.)


Map 06


This map represents a small or big difficulty spike depending on how you approach the blue key trap. Either you run straight to the key and start the major fight while dodging revenant missiles, barrels and monsters around or you secure the area before triggering the trap. I took the second option in order not to unnecessarily increase the tension. Nightwatches and Pain Elementals quickly eat up your living space. You have to be able to quickly eliminate them.


Map 07


Nothing special in this map, you have to go forward and shoot everything moving. The main difficulty lies in the use of the switches, but this disappears when you replay this wad again and again.


Map 08


Same thing, nothing special. The jump between the yellow lift and the platform where the HK is located helps to save some time but you mustn't miss it otherwise the opposite effect occurs. This map is a bit more dangerous than 07.


Map 09


This map is much longer than the previous ones but you can finish it blindfolded. Despite the large number of enemies, I use the SSG a lot because it's a better idea to save cells and rockets for map 10. Like the other maps in Epiosde 1, I collect all the cells and rockets I come across. It is a precious resource at this point.



Map 10


Keeping cells and rockets for this level reduces considerably the grind in some passages : killing the cyberdemon and the arch-viles in particular. This part of the map is exclusively designed for the SSG, so you won't find any rockets or cells. Besides, I can burn out all my ammunition because I will easily find some in map 11. The ideal is to reach 0 rockets and 0 cells at the end of this map. If I still have ammo, it's because I could have saved a little time on some enemies instead of shooting the SSG. In my run I had 8 rockets left, which doesn't make me disappointed.


Map 11


To complete this slaughtermap, there is the safe method and the hazardous way. In all cases, it' certain that you will spend some tens of seconds to seek the last forgotten monster. Map 11 is extremely difficult to optimize for uv-max

This map has many enemies and contains many risks. Nevertheless, the danger does not lie in the Hell Knights, nor in the Cyberdemon, nor in the arch-viles but in the cacodemons and pain elementals. The latter block us with such ease that I have already died several times because of them.

The hazardous way involves almost exclusively using the BFG and constantly moving around while making the different groups of enemies killing each other.

I decided to go for the safe method of getting the BFG as quickly as possible, clearing out a cave and camping inside to wait for the cacodemons/Pain elementals and kill them with rocket launchers. Once the latter have been eliminated, there is little or no possibility of getting stuck.


Map 12

The ideal speedrunner would definitely try to get the SSG at the end of the level while dodging the countless projectiles in order to be able to kill the enemies much faster afterwards. Nevertheless, I prefer to keep my sanity knowing that there are still about twenty maps to go.

This map (and almost all the Datacore maps in 180mpv) contain little health and armour, not to mention the limited movement caused by the environment. It' s very easy to die if you decide to skip the enemies. In my run, I decided to kill the monsters progressively. 

Making a good time wasn't my priority in this map.


Map 13

A fairly simple level where the only small hot spot is the blue key trap with its arch-vile that teleports behind you. My objective in this map was also to accumulate as many shells as possible in order to easily kill the Heresiarch of map 14.


Map 14

Without thinking, I throw myself on the Heresiarch in order to kill ihiù as quickly as possible. Indeed, even with the SSG, this one has a lot of health and may stuck you if you're too slow.

Apart from that, I did the glide to access the plasma gun directly and unlock the exit without getting the blue key. This trick saves me from having to trigger the crusher trap which quickly becomes quite nerve wracking.

The plasma gun also helps to secure the underground fight. Despite the two soulspheres, this fight can quickly turn sour with a little bad luck. Once the fight is over, the plasma gun allows you to kill the revenant and the Hell Knight before the lift goes up. I didn't manage to perform this little optimization in my demo.


Map 15


Finishing this map is a formality despite its much more violent gameplay. The only really dangerous part is when you jump from the waterfall to the red key and have to kill arachnotrons, a nightwatch, a pain elemental and chaingunners perched high up.

The switches you have to shoot on are really annoying, but I didn't waste too much time in my demo because of that.


Map 31

Nothing too bad in this secret map but the small platforms can quickly become annoying, especially the diagonal ones before the red key. There is also a timed secret with a plasma gun. The last secret with the soulsphere doesn't always activate when you step on it. Be careful before going to the exit.


Map 32

This map seems very difficult at first but it' s actually quite simple with a little technique.

The main difficulty lies in passing in front of the arch-vile and the cyberdemon while having the required timing in order to cross the mobile platform at the right time. However, I overcome this difficulty by performing an AVJ to cross the small ditch.

The rest of the fights require you to go  slowly. Killing arch-viles from afar is  boring. For the end, when you kill the last monsters with the invulnerability, avoid the exit at all costs!


Map 16

A smooth map with plenty of plasma, spheres and armors. I break the chaingunner trap with the entrance door. The sphere of invulnerability permits me to quickly kill the oddly placed cyberdemon. I did a lot of back and forth in this map.


Map 17

A huge map totally tailored for continuous. Pure run and gun. The final battle doesn't present much difficulty, as it's easy to camp in a corner at the entrance. I managed to save the megasphere for the next map.


Map 18

A nice little map, but quite dangerous. When I arrive at the bottom to get the blue key, I activate all the traps to create some infighting. I wait for the Hell Knights to come out of their respective closets so I can camp there but the Nightwatchs and Pain Elemental form a strong duo. You can easily get stuck and literally destroyed.


Map 19

This is a tough one, or at least it's starting to get really serious. Although the closed fight to get the blue key is the main difficulty in this map, the passage in the big cave quickly becomes a big mess because of the arachnotrons and the nightwatches. Fortunately it's easy to camp in front of this cloud of projectiles.

For the underground fight, I didn't have much luck in my demo. The infight between the HK/barons and the cyber didn't work as expected. However, hiding behind the pillars supporting the arachnotrons is still a fairly easy way to protect yourself from the projectiles.

In an ideal situation, I would have liked to keep the blue armor and the soulsphere for the following maps, especially 22, but I needed them in the fight. Too bad.


Map 20

Map 20 as well as 21, are stingy in resources. For map 20, I mainly used my SSG.


Map 21

Map 21 is not difficult, but dangerous and in the same way as map 12, I can't really rush. Between the lava inflicting -20 damage and the scarcity of resources, I already died once in this level. I used some plasma to kill the cyberdemon quicker.



Map 22


Although considerably easier compared to map 29, map 22 represents a difficulty spike that made me more anxious than map 19 for example.

To begin with, the yellow key fight that takes place in the large square room is terribly random. There are risks of getting a stray rocket from cyber, or being trapped by Hell Knights or cacodemon or even worse... a nightwatch. My PG was always in my hands until the fight stabilized.

The last fight in the cross-shaped corridor was a bit simpler but still very tense. In order not to spend too many rockets killing the enemies on high ground, I cooperate with the cyber. This is easier said than done. This involves watching that the cyberdemon doesn't fire back at you and avoiding projectiles from other monsters of course.


Map 23


I don't have any particular strategy on this map. In general I keep the SSG because I often have to stop and go back to kill the monsters that appear at each ambush. It's tiring. On the other hand, the powerful weapons serve to prevent the waves of enemies from overwhelming the game in the final battles.

The two final cyberdemons that appeared after I got out of the trap suggest that I had planned this move. In reality, it's totally unintentional and I would have even preferred to kill them directly iwith the BFG knowing that I had collect the megasphere for that occasion. In fact, I didn't shoot correctly in the very first room and so the cyberdemons didn't wake up. I really thought the map was broken.


Map 24

This map remains difficult despite playing continuous and low number of enemies. The scarcity of cells forced me to use the BFG only in some circumstances. The Cyberdemon "turret" located in front of the small house can be telefragged. However, I killed it with the SSG because passing in front of it was too risky for it to be profitable.

I ran out of shells and bullets a few times. I had to go slow to finish this level without too much scars.


Map 25


Unlike map 24, the BFG really helps and reduces the difficulty of the fights considerably. There are quite a few soulspheres in secret. I was able to save the megasphere for map 26.

For the final battle, I killed the barons directly with the BFG in order to intercept the nightwatches flying over the wall. Ideally, I tried to make them go through the centre of the corridor to avoid that the two arch-viles located on both sides manage to resurrect them. I used my remaining cells on the Heresiarch to avoid focusing on both its countless projectiles and the viles' attacks.



Map 26


This map scared me on several aspects. I died several times during my previous attempts. 


First of all, there are a lot of enemies (600 or so). Beyond that, I always ran out of cells because of map 25. During my previous attempts, I always tried to maximize the infight but it always became extremely hazardous.  In this demo, I used the SSG a lot in the first section.


For the second part with the crushers, I took refuge in a small compartment, located at the top and inaccessible for the monsters. Nevertheless, the mancubus' projectiles go through the corners of the wall and quickly cause problems if you don't try to eliminate them. The idea of hiding here is to be able to activate the second wave of enemies, featuring another cyber as well as a large number of chaingunners on the one hand and generate a huge infight without having to dodge monsters on the other.


The final part was more stressful than difficult. The pop-up monsters have the ability to provoke a heart attack. I took the blursphere to easily kill the chaingunners  just before but I preferred to wait for the effect to wear off before waking up the cyber, vile and all the monsters around.


Map 27


Map 27 was not particularly difficult but I almost died trying to get the invulnerability sphere. The arch-vile' flames blinded me. I didn't know where to go for a short instant.


Map 28


Map 28 is the beginning of the "Horror Trilogy" which is a nickname I gave to the last three maps as they are much longer and more chaotic than any of the previous maps.


In reality, map 28 is not so hard but I have to go and kill the monsters progressively to properly manage the fights and the ammo.


First of all, I cleaned the ramparts of all its turrets. It' s possible to telefrag the cybers, but there is a certain probability that they will dodge and fire a rocket at you.

If I try to speed up the process, I end up having to dodge a ton of projectiles and the monsters can easily spread out due to the grandeur of the place.


The level has a lot of ammo but not enough to spend it recklessly, especially when it comes to cells and rockets. Map 29 is much more generous in this respect.


In general, this level remains quite simple as it was originally designed for the PG and RL. The BFG makes it easier to take over. The two spheres of invulnerability are very useful to obtain each key, even if I had to use one of them on another occasion because I had missed my strafe 50 jump.


Map 29


The cream of the crop, the worst map of the megawad in terms of D2all. No need to explain why! But I'll develop anyway.


Map 29 contains 3 passages where the margin of error is reduced to a minimum:

- The very beginning where you have to control the barrage of enemies in front, the cybers and the nightwatches behind. Theoretically, you need 4 eyes, but while the HKs are arriving, you can take a look behind and try to create infighting between the nightwatches and the cyberdemons. It' s very easy to create.

- The revenant pool where you get a BFG that you already have. You have to follow a precise path to be able to turn around the mass of revenants without having to undergo a rain of cyberdemon rockets.

- And of course the final battle in the "party room". Over time, by practicing on this particular trap, I was able to develop a strategy to drastically reduce the luck factor. It will take a whole thread to explain it. If you watch the demo, you'll see nothing but an absolute mess, which is what characterizes this fight very well.

The other fights are mostly transitional. If you're careful, you'll never die in the little traps.


Map 30

And finally map 30 which is actually a walk in the park considering the difficulty of most sections compared to the ordeal of map 29. This darker version of 3HA Bonus is still quite stressful due to its length and position within the wad. At this point, the question of time doesn't matter to me at all. The goal is to finish 180mpv in one piece (something I already told myself at map 28 and even before).


The Oxyde section (in front of the plasma gun) is by far the easiest. It contains a ton of ammo and megaspheres. I've used it several times as a source of resupply.


The JC's section (in front of the RL) is moderate. The amount of ammunition is much more balanced. I had to be more careful though.


The Franck's section (in front of the SSG) is much more dangerous because of the numerous bosses in cramped spaces.


My section (opposite the chaingun) is not difficult in terms of combat but the crushers frightened me.


Datacore's section wasn't difficult too but terribly lacks powerful ammunition.


Finally, the last zone leaves me a small margin of error, like map 29. At first sight it looks like I have a lot of cells and megaspheres but I didn't have much ammo left once I killed the last cybers. I was able to save a megasphere by not taking too many projectiles in my face.

To unlock the entrails of the final boss, you have to shoot successively on pieces of flesh located in height. In order to facilitate the task, it is possible to use the lost souls to direct your shots upwards. This avoids wasting time taking the lifts.

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