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Camera Facing Upwards or Downwards Via Script?

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Hey, I'm kind of new to this site, even though I have visited these forums as a guest from time to time to read everyone's feedback about WAD and map building. I was wondering if anyone knows how to create an in-game camera that faces downward towards the floor of the map. The reason why I'm interested in this is because I'm trying to create a title reveal map that kind of behaves similarly to the DOOM title intro from DOOM 64. Looking at the contents of the DOOM 64 WAD (not for editing, but learning some of the build), I discovered that they used a non-playable map to achieve this. I've been trying to replicate a similar process for a DOOM II mod but no success. One downside is that the DOOM 64 WAD does not contain any of the ACS scripts used for each map. Every source I looked up always showed the in-game camera for DOOM II facing forward instead of up or down.


Is there a way to achieve this?


QUICK NOTE: I am using the GZDOOM Builder and Slade 3 for my map and WAD making.

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