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Your opinion on Twitter?

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Twitter is fine if you know what you're doing and what you're following, it has been quite helpful for staying up to date with game and tech news and following some youtubers, mods and project pages where they share interesting previews of their upcoming works, development details, screenshots....etc. Though I rarely (if ever) check comments by other users there, only when the tweet looks interesting enough for me to see what others think about it, but even then I take everything I read there with a grains of salt.

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Tread carefully on Twitter is all I can say.


I avoided getting one for the longest time, but for the sake of promoting my projects, I got one. However, for ONE ENTIRE YEAR I have not looked at my timeline because it got so toxic (and that's due to Kpop stuff, if fans can be that vile toward each other, imagine other topics). I literally just go straight to my page, and if I want to look at stuff, I just go directly to the page. I should probably start using the list feature again but I'm too lazy right now. There are some pretty cool people on Twitter, but sadly, the toxic ones bad for your mental health seem to be the loudest. My biggest beef is the "mutual" stuff getting into your timeline feed.... you can see what people you follow likes (and can't turn it off), you can see occasional posts from people FOLLOWED NOT BY YOU BUT BY SOMEONE YOU FOLLOW in your feed (and you can't turn it off), you can't hide the trending window on the side so I try not to look at it majority of the time but that's damn hard (some hashtags are sick why is that even allowed), *sigh* 


So if I had anything nice to say about the site, it is very useful for giving jam updates, finding cool voice actors for my projects, etc etc. I even made a couple friends, so I can't hate it too badly, especially since there are really nice and positive users trying to cleanse the timeline with their cool stuff, encouraging words, or fun raging (not toxic raging, just like "WHY IS IT SO HARD TO DRAW HAAAANDS" kinda raging lol). 

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Mostly reiterating what I said in the "Opinions on Social Media" thread, but- my biggest resentments with Twitter are that most of the people I knew who stayed on it were seemingly radicalized into nonsense positions over the past few years, the "discourses" I enjoyed engaging with have grown stupid and vicious, and trying to wade through all the noise for decent content always leaves me feeling like a lunatic afterwards.


Kind of wish I hadn't started using it again, but I've found a few decent Doom/Quake mods and podcasts through it at least.

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On 11/3/2020 at 8:41 PM, The Bug said:

two words:

cancel culture

Mind sharing what got you cancelled in particular? Don't worry, we'll all laugh at the silly sjews overreacting, surely you're not a shit person deserving to get ostracized.

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