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Progressive Duel 3 - Final

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Hope you had a happy Halloween folks because tonight Ru5ty Sh4ck Productions proudly delivers a special treat of Progressive Duel 3, rc1. The project started a bit over a year ago when I first brought up the idea of doing another entry in the ProgDuel series. Joining me for the ride are core members Razgriz, Hatedaddy and guests @Dragonfly and Killer Kouhai. Development has been a bit shaky (mainly my fault) but it has been very steady since the end of summer and we are now almost ready to bring out 14 new maps for a total of 30.


The approach for the new entries is less SSG, more everything else. Prog3 introduces a new lobby map that features a map select screen to pick and choose your map as opposed to traditional cumbersome lobby maps. Additionally, there is a Lightning Gun visual update with colors, more balanced Chaingun, OGL player model, new SBAR, edits to latter prog2 maps and a F1 help screen that summarized the armor system. Download links, game settings and screenshots are below. The PK3 only runs on Zandronum, so no ZDaemon or Odamex support. Have an ice day.


Download: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=progduel3.pk3
Credits: Inside pk3

Gameplay Settings
dmflags: 4347140
dmflags2: 4195844
zadmflags: 32800
compatflags: 0
compatflags2: 0
zacompatflags: 1704714

sv_forcerespawntime 4





Prog17: Bitter Struggle - Dragonfly
Prog18: Orbital Bliss - Razgriz
Prog19: Overgrowth - Dragonfly
Prog20: Perpetual Haunting - Ru5tK1ng
Prog21: Geo-Deengineering - Razgriz
Prog22: Disorienting Library - Dragonfly
Prog23: White Noise III - Ru5tK1ng
Prog24: Spacewalk - Hatedaddy
Prog25: Chapel of Harmony - Ru5tK1ng
Prog26: Beyond the Inferno - Razgriz
Prog27: Life in the Mines - Hatedaddy
Prog28: Rituality - Ru5tK1ng
Prog29: Neon Lites - Hatedaddy





Edited by Ru5tK1ng : final

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Wow this is awesome! I <3 some progduels and seeing a new one come out brings back memories of some of my favorite duels; I'll have to give these a try asap! Screenies looks amazing. Also hyped for a white noise 3, the first two were among my favorites of the previous stuffs.

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Final version has been released and the download link has been updated. The quest is now complete for the time being.

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