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What weapon would you retouch/replace?

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Just the title. 


Me, personally, I'd bring back the gauss cannon for the ballista, but nerfing the big shot a little bit. 


Another thing that I've never liked about new Doom games (including Doom 3) is the firing sound of the plasma gun. The original one is just perfect. 

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Agreed! Ballista and DE rocket launcher should gone! I'd accept gauss cannon with ballista's wide-slash shot though. I mean I'm against anything fantasy related..argent sword and etc. D16 weapon pack is perfect with its human created weapons and not some stupid looking rocket launcher with a skull.

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I would have the rocket launcher's rocket speed be as fast as the micro-rockets fired by the heavy cannon. Also I'd have the ballista use a different unique ammo type than plasma canisters.


PS: the shotgun should have an ammo reserve of 48 rounds. At the very least.

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I rather like the current plasma gun!


As for what I would replace though...


1) Ballista. Cool in concept, generally meh in execution. 

2) I liked the look of the 2016 HAR more. Sounds are nice in Eternal though.

3) Alternatively, I wouldn't object too hard to the HAR being replaced by an SMG/ Machine pistol, since it would make for a better visual balance with the Doom Blade. 

4) At this point, I almost feel like micro-missiles would be better suited as a shoulder mount weapon than on the MG itself. 

5) THE CRUCIBLE. I really dislike how it's implemented in the current game. It NEEDS a block function and needs to not be a "3 charge super chainsaw" thing. We should have the ability to get into some good melee loops with the Marauder, involving lots of parrying and stuff. 

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1 hour ago, Pełzająca Część Twarzy said:

Me too like when my ears bleeding

Grug also like ear blood. Better than puny sounding plasma gun.

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Surprised nobody mentioned the Unmaykr.

I always imagined a version of the Unmaker with an altfire based off the Wraithverge from Hexen, where it'd shoot homing souls that'd chase enemies and eat them up until they die.

Surprised it hasn't recieved a skin based off the 64 design. (someone on r/Doom named tinman888 even made an Eternal take on the weapon's design)


I also thought of the BFG taking the Heat Blast from 2016's Plasma Rifle, as a little nod to the invisible tracers of the original.

Like, if a BFG ball hit something, the weapon would unleash some AoE blast around you/360 degree, to knock off enemies.

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Definitely bring back the Gauss. That’s so much better than the Balista. The detonation aspect is nice for the Balista but that’s what sticky grenades are for as well. The shotgun doesn’t get used as much now when I play.


pistol would also be nice, it’s just a staple of the series. Something you can always fall back on 

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i posted this in another discussion so here.

- removal of grenades. They’re cool, but we already have the grenade launcher attachment for that.

- keep the flame-belch

- less cool down based gameplay. For example, to recharge the chainsaw you don’t have to wait for a timer, instead you could charge it through glory kills, a bit like the Blood Punch so you don’t have to stand around waiting for it to charge. The more demons you glory kill, the larger the charge.

- remove blood punch. That’s it.

- Crucible can deflect projectiles, make it more melee based instead of a one kill weapon. 
- keep weapons as is, but I’d probably change the HAR to look more similar to ‘16.

thats all I can think off.

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I was going to say replace the ballista with the 2016 gauss cannon but @BetaMarine reminded me the crucible is a thing :-P


That thing really needs a rejig as I’d complete forgot it was in the game!!! If you could continue using it as a normal melee weapon (say have it do similar damage to a shotgun blast or just strong enough one shot fodder enemies) once you’ve run out of “instant kill” shots that would be pretty cool :-D

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- Pistol: Completing all the Slayer Gates in The Ancient Gods Part II unlocks the Pistol. It has infinite ammo like in 2016 but uses the unused Eternal model. It will share the same weapon slot as the Combat Shotgun. This would be a clever way of integrating the Pistol into the game without worrying about it being at odds with the combat loop since it would be an extra thing just for completionists.


- Combat Shotgun: Full Auto Mastery now drops all ammunition types. This gives the Full Auto its own niche other than "rapid damage" which was already fulfilled by other, better weapons. Now the Full Auto may see use in dispatching large groups of Fodder in late-game arena fights. The Chainsaw will remain the best "instant ammo recovery" mechanic however.


- Heavy Cannon: Micro-Missiles can now destroy weak points. The Precision Bolt will remain a go-to for high-level quick-swapping combos due its high burst damage as well as being ideal in performing head-shots on Maykr enemies, but now the Micro-Missiles rapid-fire damage output means its weak point destructive capability is very effective compared to the Precision Bolt..


- Plasma Rifle: Microwave Beam no longer slows you down. You're already committing to a single-target and the slow-down is an overkill restriction in most scenarios. Also, holding right-click will instantly fire the Beam rather than requiring both right-click and then left-click. The current control scheme can feel awkward at times.


- Rocket Launcher: Remote Detonation range significantly extended. Something to make it more competitive to Lock-On Burst. The extended range will make it unique among the Sticky Bomb and Frag Grenade AoE tool alternatives and also powerful enough to compete with Lock-On Burst (maybe).


- Super Shotgun: No changes needed.


- Ballista: Weapon mod balance is perfect. I see a decent amount of quick-swapping between the mods at high-levels of play so I don't think either needs adjustments. I do like the Gauss Cannon aesthetically more though, so perhaps a redesign next time. Or maybe just a "Master Skin" for the Ballista to have that replaces the appearance.


- Chaingun: Mini-Turret Mastery is baseline (no more overheating). Instead, a New Mastery: retain full movement while operating the Mini-Turret.


- Equipment Items: Frag Grenades and Ice Bombs have separate firing buttons. There's no point in having a "switch equipment" button if there's only two of them anyways. Flame Belch needs no changes, it's a satisfying weapon to use.


- Chainsaw: Range and arc is extended. The "no target" message is quite annoying to see when you're only a couple of feet away from a demon, especially two or three times in a row. Chainsaw now also completely refills all your ammunition types. It should be like a "combat refresher" and not a maintenance to upkeep. Heavies cost 2 Fuel while Super Heavies cost 3 Fuel. I'd like to be able to chainsaw the bigger demons.


- Blood Punch: Can become charged from a single Fodder Glory Kill. Requiring two in the late-game seems unnecessary. Perhaps it can be another upgrade we unlock from killing one of the bosses. Also, improved hit detection. Just like Chainsaw's "no target" message, this one also feels bad to miss with when you're right next to a demon.


- BFG: A new alternate fire that lets it now charge up for two-shots-in-one (costing two BFG cells of course). There's no damage difference from just firing two separate shots. It's just an aesthetic thing I liked from Doom 3. Although I suppose firing two consecutive shots may allow for longer stun times comparatively. Still, would be nice to be able to charge it up (just like in the 2016 and Eternal E3 gameplay demonstrations).


- Unmaykr: Inflicts extra damage to Super Heavies and Bosses. This lets it fulfill a single-target anti-elite niche compared to the BFG, which is instead used for AoE clearing.


- Crucible: No longer requires pick ups for charge. Instead, it must be charged through kills. At full charge, the sword can be "unleashed" on command for a few seconds. It attacks the same as it does now but operates on a timer instead. Functionally, it's an on-demand Berserk. It would be somewhat unique compared to the other weapons in the arsenal. The new charging mechanic is partially inspired by the Soul Cube from Doom 3.




Most of the above changes would require rebalancing the combat (like with the Chainsaw and Crucible changes), but I thought I should put all my thoughts in anyways even if many are unrealistic to implement.

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Really cool ideas. I pretty much agree with you except for this:


2 hours ago, AtimZarr1 said:

- Ballista: Weapon mod balance is perfect.


Maybe talking about ballista mods by themselves, yes, they are quite balanced. But comparing both mods among the ones of other weapons, I think they are not as useful as others. Maybe lowering the time to charge the "super arrow" would make it more usable, because we already have the homing rockets for the same funcion, and they do more damage per second and, on top of that, follow the enemy.

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The only weapon I never use is the Unmaykr. It should never have shared its ammo pool with a room-clearer superweapon.


How I would improve it? Give the Unmaykr its own ammo pool, and give it a gimmick that makes it more interesting, e.g. have more Maykr type enemies with a weakness to this weapon. You know, to actually make it live up to its name.

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