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Classic Doom General Tactics?

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I've been working on a general Ultra-Violence classic Doom tactics guide.


Stuff like:


Basic stats for each monster tiered by priority, how their attack works and how much damage to generally expect, how to deal with them alone and in numbers, and generally how many shots they'll go down with certain weapons (EG Cyberdemon with 2-3 point-blank BFGs, Arch-vile in 4 good SSG, Mancubus in 3-4 rockets).


Basic stats for each weapon and item, how they work, their purposes, and how and when to use them efficiently.


Other tactics like infighting utilization, mapping tropes (EG key traps, berserk/pinkie fights), SR50 and SR40, etc.


If I ever gained some video editing skills I'd love to make one about this.


I'd almost call it 'Doom Theory' similar to music theory. That is, an identifying of trends exhibited by its most lauded.


I haven't found any guide of this sorts, is there something like this already out there?

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34 minutes ago, DOEL said:

If I ever gained some video editing skills I'd love to make one about this


You could always hire me to edit it for you. ;^)

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