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Christmas wish list

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At this point, hoping not to be back in a lockdown by the time Christmas rolls by. From the looks of the daily numbers, it isn't looking great. Oh well, I'll find out when the day is actually here.

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Don't have much to ask but here's my list:


-A PS4 Controller clamp for my phone (playing emulated games)

-Some new earphones (Wired or Wireless doesn't really matter that much as long as it doesn't break easily).

-Chie's jacket from Persona 4 (It looks so good)


My family is going to be holding a Christmas party this year and I asked for the first two since both seem to to fit the budget limit of 500 PH pesos (10.39 US dollars according to Google). Hopefully I get them.

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1. I haven't been able to see my girlfriend in almost a year because of the 'rona and international travel shit so that would be item #1

2. A Commodore PET

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Posted (edited)

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