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Difficulty Dependant Map Sections

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So today, I had a revelation while adding enemies for different difficulty levels in a map and I wanted to know if anyone knows if it's been done before.


You can very easily make sections of a map only appear on certain difficulties with crushers and enemy triggers.


Example: if you play on Ultraviolence or higher, an imp starts in a far away room consisting only of a crusher. The imp dies and lowers down walls to reveal a new section of the map, harder and only accessible on UV. You can can even make all the pickups and enemies within only spawn on UV so it doesnt affect the counters for kills or items.


Thoughts on this?

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Yeah, I did it before. I used hanging corpse and a voodoo conveyor in map01 of BR


The corpse appears on EASY and NORMAL difficulties and blocks the doll to open the blue bars near exit teleporter so that on UV you don't need to find blue key

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Wicked Be The Ways of Men is a vanilla-compatible map where "the player progresses differently through the map depending on the skill level. Each skill level "starts" the map at a different location, and some of the traps are skill-level specific. Additionally, the keys and weapons are at different locations for the different skill levels, and there are some areas that are only accessible to specific skill levels."


Three Ways to Die is a map that requires a limit-removing source port. "Features 3 different progressions, depending on skill level chosen. Weapons, keys, and power-ups are also placed in different locations."

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