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doom the lost episodes fix

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Doom I, The Lost Episodes


on page 107 of the pdf included you see the map with a problem: e2m1

there are, on the center top portion of the map, two rooms (one holds a bfg, the other a cell ammo pack).

those two rooms are bugged: you can barely get in, you are trapped stuck once inside using gzdoom sourceport


i downloaded doom builder 2 and did a quick edit, moving some vetices by 8 units to make the openings wider, while keeping symmetry.


you can find here: the main game, the 2.1 fix made by bluefirez88 which includes fixes and a 4th episode, my fix which is the modded e2m1 map, a .lnk and a .bat file with correct command line to load the gzdoom.exe with all settings, and the original book (in pdf format) which was sold with the floppy disks (it has a walkthrough for the first 3 episodes)




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